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American psychologist professor, practicing clinical psychologist and leading philosopher of science, Paul E.Meehl (1920-2003), is the 74th most cited psychologist of the 20th century, whose work on comparing clinicians judgements versus predictions of psychological tests, is summarized in his book “Statistical vs. Clinical Prediction in Psychology” (1954). His conclusion have resulted into decades of denial, unitl finally re-vindicated. In his book, 19 out of 20 studies concluded the accuracy of psychological tests when compared with that of physicians.

Although most studys have already confirmed that mechanical, properly coded, with complete information about clinical judgement psychological tests are 100% reliable, doctors still today, continue to use their personal evaluations, with not guaranteed results.

Based upon the fact that information is crucial to help us participate in the process of contributing for a better life for everyone in our planet, we have compiled a series of statistic studies, done by organizations in the forefront of helping people worlwide, who have no access to basic survival issues such as: lack of water, wars, illness, hunger, violence against women, children, animals, depletion of the environment, etc.



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"Water is the driving force in nature". ― Leonardo da Vinci. But, we all should have known by now, as it is essential to life!

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the war on women

Why this issue has to be "fought" for, in order NOT to happen? Women are humans and, humans have human rights! We left the caverns many thousands of years ago . . .


love & hormones

Our humorous non-fiction book highlights the individual complexities in which biochemestry affects personal realtionships. It's a fact.

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behind the screens

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Behind the "family values" mantra of many, there is a revealing world with a different noir tale.

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One in 8 people live in hunger.It's also about the price they are paying for the crap they are sold to eat.

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Charts on violence by country. Charts on violence in the USA.

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want to know who control the USA?

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Remember the sentence "less government interference?" check the lobbies and states sucking your tax dollars.

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Political cartoons

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Mario Puzo in his book The Last Don said: Actions define a man; words were a fart in the wind.

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gender flags

An introduction to the colors of the different gender flags and, meanings of choice of colors.(working on segment)

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What truth?Agreement with reality?Logical truth against logical facts?Believe in truth-makers? misleading . . . ambiguous . . .

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know & tell

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The world functions according to your choices. But only nature shows you how little control you really have.

women cartoons

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Human right is women's right..

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dance & politics

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How can we face the world if one lose its sense of humor?

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check and balabce section?

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It's a place to explore and have fun.

Worldwide corruption

We have no longer borders no matter how much some would like to build walls moved by ideological utopia. Technology has "taken down the walls."

Regardless of where in this planet we live, we are united by the same basic needs, feelings, desires, hunger, thirst, aspirations,hope, fear, frustrations, vision, survival expectations. Our actions and inactions are the energy which keep moving generations of mankind into the future. And, the more "advanced" we think we are, we believe with erroneous assertion that our place is most perfect than the rest and, "better" too.

There are no excuses to keep on wearing blinders. Facts are within reach and clearly documented, regarding how fast we have been destroying the quality of life in our planet, while being a non-participant in the destruction of human, animal and natural resources..

As we have respect for the planet on which we live and everything that is part of it, we have decided to begin by researching where in the planet is "shangrila." Naturally there are few natural wonders in which human presence has yet to destroy. But the most astonishing reality is that over 6 billion people live under the hands of different levels of corruption and because of it, I'm sure the "wonder" areas will soon be gone . . .

Thanks to organizations such as Transparency International we are able to the share this map. It helps to visualize through the intensity of colors, under which "hue" of corruption we are located. Note: tthere are no colorless areas in the world, only few variations in tones. You might get excited if you happen to be under a "lighter" hue. However, many statistical studys show, you are not safer, because there is an enormeous amount of data missing, purposely hidden from you and impossible to gather due to the lack of resources.

Transparency International

this organization has statistic charts and maps with up to date data

List of issues that affect human lives

check markA group of organizations: the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the COP21, along with the emergence of current NGO Corporate Europe Observatory projects and subjects, have compiled an alphabetically ordered list of the 100 most CRITICAL problems, concerns, issues and risks for humanity.

Important to note:
that most business interfere in many issues due to profit.


The HODAI organization is a Swiss non-profit foundation, based in Geneva. Their members are volunteers from the UN and NGO Corporate Europe Observatory such as consultants, journalists, digital development experts, knowledge brokers. You can read more by following the link. ABOUT

Accidents and road safety health
Acid rain environment
Aging health
Air pollution 0environment
Animal mistreatment animals
Aridity/desertification environment
Armed violence peace & security
Artificial intelligence issues & risks ethics
Barriers to education poverty
Biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse environment
Bioethical issues ethics
Censorship human rights
Child and adolescent issues social
Child labor human rights
Child marriage human rights
Child mistreatment social
Child soldiers human rights
Climate change environment
Cyber-attacks technology
Deforestation environment
Disrespect of minority rights human rights
Electronic waste environment
Energy crisis energy
Energy poverty poverty
Energy price shock global economics
Ethical issues in finance ethics
Excessive use/;presence of pesticides environment
Extreme weather events environment
Feeding a growing population social
Food environment
Gender inequality human rights
Genocides peace & security
Groundwater depletion environment
Habitat destruction environment
Homelessness social
Human trafficking human rights
Humanitarian issues and crisis peace & security
Hunger/famine poverty
Inappropriate chemical waste disposal environment
Inappropriate household waste disposal environment
Intensive farming animals
Invasive species environment
Lack of access to clean water poverty
Lack of access to justice human rights
Lack of sanitation poverty
Land mines peace & security
Landscape destruction environment
Local armed conflicts peace & security
Loss and degradation of cultural and artistic heritage culture
Loss of know-how culture
Maternal mortality health
Melting glaciers and polar ice caps environment
Missing persons social
Modern slavery human rights
Natural disasters and ecological crisis environment
Natural resource depletion natural resources
New land rush environment
Non-renewable energy energy
Noncommunicable diseases health
Nuclear accidents environment
Ocean and freshwater acidification – environment
Organized crime and corruption peace & security
Orphans social
Overconsumption of food health
Overfishing natural resources
Overpopulation social
Ozone layer depletion environment
Persons with disabilities issues social
Plastic waste environment
Poor infrastructure poverty
Prison overcrowding social
Racism and xenophobia human rights
Radicalization and violent extremism peace & security
Radioactive waste environment
Refugees social
Sea lever rise and land loss environment
Slums social
Social and cultural exclusion social
Soil pollution environment
Species extinction animals
Spread of infectious diseases health
State/economic/fiscal collapse or crisis global economics
Teenage pregnancy social
Terrorism peace & security
Threats to global peace peace & security
Torture human rights
Underdevelopment global economics
Unemployment or underemployment social
Unreliable software technology
Unsustainable agriculture environment
Unsustainable development global economics
Urban sprawl environment
Violence against women human rights
Water crisis poverty

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