H A T E + B I G O T R Y

Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; not to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider."

Francis Bacon, English essayist,"Of Studies," 1625.

America and the serious game of playing with grounds of Moral Status

Everything in life has a mathematical formula or is based upon one. No matter how much you want to come out with deceitful affirmations or theorems to ignore it, you'll find yourself at a dead end and counting back every step to remember where you began. As Americans speak endlessly about the "moral of this nation," preaching it to the rest of the world as a bastion of truth, let us begin to undertand its meaning . . . and who really are using it . . .

Definitions connected with Moral Status:

ANGLE: from the Latin “angulos” means literally “a little bending.” Math grabbed it to clearly define and prove few formulas on how much “bending” or “turning” one line does to get into the position of another line and meet a common endpoint or vertex. A little geometry?

DEGREE:In this case is not the piece of paper proving someone's specialization in any given area as those, most common than not, mean nothing at all. Can't you see how many talking heads prove it's worthless? The wall of the people you voted for office, displaying plenty of fancy frames, is a good place to make an inventory and see what they have done for you, your family and the country with the money of the salaries and benefits you pay.

However, mathematically speaking, "degrees" are a unit of angle measures. Notice I wrote “measures” in plural. Why? When we talk about measure, there are different units to count in everything we see and don’t see. Nothing is exactly the same no matter how much you want to prove and swear is not.

AMBIGUOUS: (adjective) Latin 16th century (in the sense of indistinct, obscure): from “ambiguous”. ‘doubtful’ (from ambigere ‘waver, go around’, from ambi- ‘both ways’ + agere ‘to drive’) + -ous. It means: open to more than one interpretation; not having one obvious meaning.

MORAL STATUS: when we speak of “Moral status” and “Moral standing” both have basically the same meaning and are understood as carrying the notion of "degrees" when justice needs to add their two cents into it. We are talking about obligations to persons and other living things.The ground in which Moral Status stands on.

In human organized societies the issue of Moral Status have been continuously defined, adjusted, interpreted and legislated without conclusion for thousands of years, as the lines continue to move, twisting and turning, trying to find a common vertex position. Either by natural causes or by purposively made up causes. Have in mind, that any form of life in planet Earth deals with it in a variety of formats in order to survive, no matter how much you want to ignore it.

Moral status carries a load of responsibilities because the moment you walk you will begin to learn by confronting a variety of moral obligations, taking a stand in all kind of issues in order to protect yourself, the ones you love, society at large, the environment, education, your career, health care,the water your drink, your civic duty, the safety of your food, etc. If you care less about some, your lack of stand will affect millions of lives coming right back to you in double.

Everything in the universe is connected. Being a wimp, a coward, a whiner, reality will slap our faces to snap us out of it!. In organized societies, the perils of Moral Status have always played various games with the help of the never-ending possibilities which mathematical formulas can provide. Think about how the algorithms of social media allowed the Russians to meddle in our 2016 election, controlling the decisions of millions of people, with serious implications for the future of this nation and the world.

"Moral” anything is subjective in itself and it can be twisted & turned into a self-serving tool, to manipulate, interfere, hurt and dominate, in different levels of degrees and according to whom is playing with it. History has already shown its endless possibilities.

The fundamental issue with Moral Status is that only and “if” it matters at all, will be applied in case an "entity" is wronged, depending upon the percentage in which and the diversity of “wronged variety” is involved.

Naturally, there is Moral Consideraility, which can still be associated with Moral Status, as it also comes in “degrees,” but is ambiguous. So, if you are looking for a definite answer . . . Well, if you are one who believe in reincarnation, maybe with luck in your fourth coming, it will reach a minor improvement.

The French has a great approach to ambiguity: " Comme ci, comme ça." That is, we can say “moral considerability” is aporagender in which the intensity, duration of one pleasure or pain can be factored into a mathematical formula to determine which actions minimizes the bad and maximizes the good.

Aware of FMS? It means FULL MORAL STATUS. Is when the “wrong” reached its max peak of max wrong. Based upon the premise that if you are a full adult human being unimpaired (that is, you are sane), you suppose to have FMS, and be protected by the highest degree of status. So, one would expect (and I dread to use "expect" having the same fate as "assume" . . . but) that any person who is elected to a position of control to manipulate the lives of millions of others, wear their FMS as a badge of honor and plenty of dignity.

Nevertheless, historically and I can state it freely: still today, people whose “moral status” fall into a category of OTHERS such as racial minorities, poor people, foreigners, women, physically disabled and so on, have been routinely denied their FMS.

They have been clearly profiled by a group of unfit human beings, with no merit of denying the right of FMS to "others," as their wronged entitled FULL MORAL STATUS have granted them (while being clearly out of their minds ) a position of control. Several unfit individuals who should have NONE are currently in a position of control and destroying ours. This fundamental issue continues to be the most challenging subject of debate and debacle, perpetuated by the unfit on the top, by the unfit in the media, the unfit in the schools, the unfit in the churches, the unfit in the communities and the unfit in the families.

For a society to claim that is founded on principle of moral grounds and values: it better prove it and not preach it. As you can only preach if you act what you preach.

Only a hand full of leaders in this large nation of ours can wear FMS as a badge of honor. The rest of the statements “tweeted” lately have no meaning, as they are merely a group of characters lumped together forming an empty sentence and sent with the touch of a finger, certainly filled with contaminating bacterias. Their presumption of being entitled to FMS, is a slap on the face of humanity, as they really have none.

The job of all political leaders is:

To make sure all citizens of the nation have their constinutional rights protected. They are being paid by the taxpayers.


and how much to blame ourselves for?