History Timeline

History, like love, is so apt to surround her heroes with an atmosphere of imaginary brightness.

James Fenimore Cooper, The Last of the Mohicans

Western Civilization: dichotomy of a boundary


We’ve learned in history that the pillars of our Western civilization were: the Greeks and Romans, Christianity (especially the Medieval Catholic Church) and the Germans Barbarians. It was a divisive, cultural geographic partition with a combination of clear religious profiling.

As history is about interpretation, we can state that it's passed onto us similarly to how we learn the 100 ways of cooking the Thanksgiving turkey. I wonder which barbarians named the Germans barbarians.

shaming has been around from the start. Technology only provided a coward choice for those who love to attack while hidden behind a screen.

I often wonderered why we ignored Mesopotamia, Indus, Ancient Egypt, China, Persian, etc. during zoning. These days we can be more clear about who we came through our DNA, and travel in time. At the end of the day, humans can deny a million times but, we're all descendent from the same apes from the African Savannah, who ventured to discover new horizons. Some became darker, some lighter, some orange and so on. We are humans, ONE RACE. Stop the lie!!


Consider yourself lucky if you live without back pain issues! It's hard to walk straight when you previusly walked on four! Never mind the pains women feel when they are delivering little apes and populating the world! For later to be treated as a third class specie. Apart from the physical agonizing pain of motherhood while being attacked by ingratitude.

Alternative news, fake news, have also been around since humans developed basic communication skills! If you look at some of the early scribblings I'm quite sure many sticks where mistaken by . . . shticks? Only spinners change with time.

have you figure out what "covfefe" is?

I have always anthropomorphized the animals around me, reserving the ones I dislike to anthropomorphize humans with. a snale sitting of a chair cartoonAs an observant of nature I can atest that animal actions reflect a great deal of critical thinking. You know the kind I am talking about. I mean, there is not an alternatively way to explain critical thinking. Though, one can think alternatively or have definite alternative thoughts, with ulterior motives.The problem with critical thinking is that it becomes really critical if it's not put into practice. Which is another issue.

The new historical moment force us to reflect into the soul of our nation, filled with dichotomies . . .

My brain has been over worked for a while, trying to figure out new meanings to basic things.

which brings us to question the "idea" of JUSTICE: should JUSTICE have party affiliation?

would they be able to look for the truth or find intentional alternatives, when elected by political affiliation?

If it is done intentionally, it belongs in the category of conspiracy theory, following the same fate as "carnage" did," wiretapping," invisible terrorists" attacks and "invasion." The 2016 elelction outcome certainly fits the molde. We had a clear winner, with HUGE numbers of votes ahead. Instead, a tiny group of people with “legal alternative powers,” filled with ulterior motives, gave a loser the Bible to pledge the oath.a male hand on top of a Bible

if that wasn't a conspiracy then, perhaps, a costly shtick? We and the world have been paying for it!

We have a flip/flap version of democracy, in which the majority of the people DO NOT decide who they voted for (they think they do), as interpretation had left the door open for alternatives to move freely since its inception. I guess the Founding Fathers had great hope that future leaders would practice "ethic."

Speaking of our heritage: the Greek and the Romans. OMG! The Gods of the Olympus of ancient Greece: spectacular visual effects, endless possibilities, dreamy ideas of power, conquests, domination, revenge, slavery, orgies, misogyny, incest, wars! (I’m not talking about today's politicians and CEOs lives, Hollywood movies, Hollywood honchos or moralist preachers).

The old tales were fantastically spoken, written poems by dysfunctional humans who became the pillars of our civilization, through the brilliant minds of virtuosos Greek philosophers, and Romans alpha white males, leading us to take their fantasies as truth, all the way to inspire George Lucas Star Wars series, Games of Thrones, and unfit heads of companies, families, just plain number of degenerates.

those tales became "classic and erudite" affecting our imagination, and promoting imitation . . .

Fantasy was the tool used to objectify what is inside the human mind. From there on, all the way toward the round-table discussions, to debate it while trying to understand human behaviors and, thoughts from conception, to racial division, to death, to development, to education, relationships, choices, vices, etc., affecting forever our laws (from crime, to injustice, to divorce and ethic ). In addition of course to regulations, psychiatry studies (all the mental disorders you can spell from A to Z).

It's puzzling how after recording thousands of years of awareness we continue to ignore the mental fitness of political leaders, while holding society under their maligne intentions

doctors Although we must thank the old Greeks, who had the vision to take out health issues from the hands of the "religious medicine man" or the "tribe magician" and place it on the hands of science. Let me be clear: I'm not talking insurance companies, big pharma; politicians and pills that kills or additc us; food that poison us; studies paid by corporation based on lies, environmental threats that gives us cancer and other issues of today. But, we owe the Greeks for recognizing science as an evance of any evolutionary society. Although...the richest nation on Earth listen to quacks, living in upper middle class, wearing suits and occupaying political positions, CEOs of financial institutions, and health care companies.

Hey, It took 6 billion years for humans to walk straight, and the modern humanoid is only 200,000 years old! So, what's the hurry?

When I walk through museums,looking at those fabulously perfect nude Greek bodies, carved on white solid marble, beautifully sculpted butts, with beautiful faces, athletic Olympic proportions, and none with a darker complexity . . . I realize when delusion began. Yes, is a fantasy, but why worry with reality? okay, not all those beautiful nude bodies were fully quite perfect as many have been vandilized by moral scrupules. My memory reminds me that years ago, walking through the Vatican art galleries I was't able to asses their pride and joy. All were chopped of by the prudes who rape little children! Maybe the punishment for today degenerate should be body severing? Lorena Bobbitt really comes to mind! The woman was ahead of her time! She took justice with a knife for being abused violently for years.

I remembered years ago, when "justice" Ken Star covered Lady Justice with a cloth for a photo op. At least he didn't request her boobs to go to the chopping block.

visual "flashings" have always enticed the mind of "virtuous moralists"

the same Star, who persecuted Bill Clinton had to resign his "honorable position" on his Baptist University by ignoring violent sexuals assaults on women all in the name of "profit"

on that same note, Texas, Baylor Nation ignored 52 cases of rape from 2011-2014 protecting footbal "profit"

pointless to mention the army, navy etc, because assault inside the military is nothing new

the question is:

when, are our leaders going to do something about it? It seems are we still living bacchanalia times. The news is filled with a pandemic assault on women. I wonder when JUSTICE will stop this degeneration in a society who preaches a lot to the world about values, going to war to impose it, not wanting to face their conscience (provided they have one) and prove that VALUES still exists!

The Romans!

Almost 1,500 years in power. Who can forget Virgil, fantastic tales! What about their admired warriors Constantine, Cesar, Cicero, Marc Anthony (to name a few!) The Gladiators were white alpha males, devoted to war, domination, bacchanalia, partying, eating, throwing up, eating again and, big big in killing games and homosexual behavior!They had not gender issues.

I look at the destruction of the city of Rippa today, reminding me of the result of preemptive wars of the last two centuries.

I remind the reader, that in those times during wartime, the Greeks and Romans were gender fluid, due to no access to enough females. Young men were their target.

after they got home their fluids were back to marriage, and family. So, why the hypocritical persecusion against the LGTB community with "family and traditional values" when none of us know the biochemistry we carry inside our bodies to define us clearly?

Emperors like Caligula, were perverse pussy grabbers! OMG, Nero and pyromania, and his obssession with buildings! Yes, impressive architectonic new daring structures of solid concrete buildings! The Romans were big, huge real state moguls.

who can ever forget reading or watching movies about the Roman circuses?

At least in our time, animal activists have been achieving some positive steps on stopping animal abuses. Although, while Ringling Brothers circus is out of business, we cannot control the modern cruel clowns decimating the magnificent wild species with their thirst for trophy, or invading the cusp of leadership inside "advance societies" with the dangerous ones, continuing to support the usual bad old gang. The cost of the ticket is on us, even if you don't support the spectacle.

Any concern about who are in charge of the nation's security secrets while re-designing the safe future of your family?


The present supposed to be a layer based upon the past, and a passage toward the future, while expanding hopefully, for the better.

never ever for the worse!

want respect?