Dichotomy, metaphors . . .

We find paradoxes and dichotomies fascinanting, as they commonly swap place with truth.

We find dots irresistable! You'll find ellipsis all over the pages. Some friends pointed out that the excessive use of ellipses are not grammatically correct. So does Grammarly. Because of critiques I searched the subject, and discovered thatabiss logo

September the 24th is National Punctuation day!

Additionally, that I shouldn’t worry about ellipsis. They are accepted when used as an informal way of self-expression. Since my literary expressions have no intention of coming out in a formal dress code, I will continue to allow the reader to figure out what I left unfinished. Isn’t a proven fact that people will draw their own conclusions, even when they are wrong?

But then . . . what is right or wrong?

Ready a project named "DECISION" on the EDITORIAL page of this website, and see what I think of it! And, while you are there, you might want to read what "IRRELEVANT" is all about too. . .

checkmark smallwhich, brings us to "alternative facts"

According to the Etymology Dictionary (2010 Douglas Harper) FACT comes from Latin factum and, in 1530s, meant "action," but especially "evil deed," literally meant "thing done," as a neuter past participle of facere "to do" ( factitious). Which by the way, and I don’t know why, it brings immediately the adjective “fictitious” to mind. Maybe because the phonetic becomes close fact/fiction and things become confusing.


Around 1630s, factum took a “new and improved” modern touch toward “thing known to be true,” from the original notion of “something that has actually occurred.” This one desapeared out of circulation!

Hum . . . Maybe it was then when it followed the same fate of the ass. I meant the brave, strong animal.

William Shakespeare, in his play "A Midsummer Night’s Dream," created the character called Bottom, who turns into a mule. The word “bottom” already had unfavorable connotations since the time of the Romans: bottom of the totem pole, bottom of the heap, and, of course, one’s rear end!

The play turned to be the pivotal moment in which all went downhill for the poor mule. With Bottom, the ass was turned into a metaphorical behind, trotting on into the twentieth century as a pejorative synonym such as idiot, imbecile, simpleton, fool, all the way to insulting.

Around 1854, FACT reached a new weight. Life was added to its shoulder: as a “burden” (as heavy as a cargo vessel of Chinese cheap good imported by Walmart).

Who in the heck is not exhausted by the facts of life “harsh realities”? However, it was not left there for long. By the year 1913, it was first recorded as the specific sense of “human sexual functions.”

I confess, this last one puzzles me to this day, but I won’t google it for now. Although I understand " sex" does makes things clear (at least assault, abuse, rape are). Will the powerful ever get it, and condemn it?).

We are in a new era in which everything related to “human sexual functions” have been kept, and accepted with a new sense of permissible/consent. Pedophilia seems to be permissible. OMG! I must get a grip on the new list of values! So much to absorb.

new leaf, new values?


One thing is clear: FACT will never ever be able to return to was it was in 1530s“something that has actually occurred”!

Then, what happens when a matter is either "under discussion," or "as a matter of facts?" I decided to leave alone stipulation , allegation as they enter a dangerous zone.

Of course, we cannot ignore it grammatically; because, as a matter of fact, it was hacked long ago when it jumped synonymously with truth. Things turn to the worse when they become associated with things "not acceptable," such as: assumption, relativity, alternative, etc.

Did I mention RELATIVITY?

As I have a knack for logic, and have dabbed into it, I could not erase FACT from the list of a mile long fallacies.FACT is included in LOGIC.

I must admit, I have been trying not to lose my senses as they have already been highly affected by the misinformation-through-lies we get every day, pay for it, by being connected (internet connection and subscriptions), without adding the taxes we pay for for things we don’t support.

However, ever since the first months of 2016 it took into a new vibe. I mean fact was turned into carnage, and its synonyms; truth is heading toward a dark tunnel with a new twist: ALTERNATIVE FACTS or FAKE NEWS.

deconstructing the concept of "value" . . .

As Political constructivism, the various political principles constraining political action are products of a planned thought process, to build the appropriate political argument.

yellow quoteNevertheles, they are not facts neither of true moral judgments. Unless, the outcome of the actions are assessed as morally right or wrong.

As a result, the challenge for constructivism is to explain the process without having to apply any form of judgment to assess its appropriateness, failing many times, to meet this challenge on simple logical grounds.

Which brings us to epistemic value (I cringe when I write it), which adds some practical cognitive values such as: true beliefs (you must get to work on time); justified beliefs (if you plan your week your will be able to adjust to unpredictable situations); knowledge (if you know how to operate a computer you can find jobs easier), and understanding (if you understand the seasons you’ll know how to plan your crop if you are a farmer).

On the other hand, false beliefs (like false news regarding climate change), can cause destructive, and irreversible damage for the future generation of your family (in case you don’t care what happens to other people’s families, or the rest of the world, for that matter).

yellow quoteTherefore, the problem with true beliefs (called primary value too) is to explain why they should be to begin with.

Should knowledge form a stronger basis instead?

Well, again, what kind of knowledge are we talking about? A priori knowledge or a posteriori knowledge in a non-philosophical context?

What about knowledge as demonstration propter quid (“demonstration on account of what”), or demonstratio a priori, and of demonstratio quia (“demonstration that, or because of”?)

Emmanuel Kant In his Critique of Pure Reason had already added antithesis between necessary truth, and contingent truth. (if you don’t know the meaning of necessary and contingent, google it as it will be extremely distracting to include them here . . .) You see, the first applies to a priori judgments while the other to “independently of experience” . . . got it?

At this point in my personal case, is enough to bring the MacLeans’ evolutionary triune brain theory into the limelight!

cobra American physician and neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean (1913 – 2007), proposed that the human brain was in reality three brains in one: the reptilian complex, the limbic system, and the neocortex. It is known as MacLean's evolutionary triune brain theory.

When I read about it during hormones research, I immediately had a nightmare in which I felt the cobra inside my brain! Ever since then, the concept has not gone away. It seems the same happens with the scientists who have challenged him. Why?

Cause, “reptilian brain” still is the easiest way to explain explanatory value, making it very engaging, and with enough useful level of complexity for high school students to begin engaging with brain research. (I keep on thinking about Melania Trump saying she has two kids at home, when as before, I only knew of one! What about Ben Carson, the brain surgeon who now will desiccate the Housing Department!).

yellow quoteThe same happens when math is used to make afirmations such as:

  • a large penis makes a better lover
  • or a small- hand -men have small birdie
  • Remember the debates during the election process? I guess 50% of women in this country continue to be confused, as they supported misogyny in exchange for ecstasy because of ideoloy!

    Surprise, surprise . . . is ideology the new opio crisis?

    So why should I even read Howard Bloom's book about the brain with a title “The Lucifer Principle” (gosh, all I can think about is Ted Cruz at the Supreme Court until death do-as-part or retirement, as I will probably be dead to witness it!) or, Arthur Koestler’s book with the title The Ghost in the Machine. I am terrified of ghosts and don’t believe in ghostbusters or exorcists either.

    As you can see, the complexity of the subject is confusing, it requires long view, and gives a field of opportunities for organized strategies which dabbles into: vindication, revisionism, premeditation, manipulation, self-servitude, control (freak or not), and whatever more definitions of theories you can come out with, to thrive!

    Aren't you confuse with the detailed information I am trying to pass on to you?

    All feels just like candies filled with marijuana, like the ones which left Maureen Dowd dizzy in Colorado a while ago (I often wonder, what was she thinking, when decided to share it? Maybe she got an" inside" information that values were changing?).

    I'm keeping my ears alert in case some new entrepreneurial mind doesn't add marijuana inside the bathroom tissue just for a high! Yes, because tampon has gone digital, while hacking has been going viral.

    Look at the poster and see why I cannot continue to duel into "values" further. Many have been scared enough what they see. but, nothing lasts forever. We always look upon the next year with some sort of hope.

    eyeing tomorrow is important.