The concept began while watching the different forms of life sharing the space when I was displaced due to Katrina. The curiosity of finding ways on how to interact with the wildlife, registering the experience on a viable format, ignited a chain reaction of decisions and a new chapter toward technology.

The book MEMENTO A POINT IN TIME highlights where and how everything came to be and how the experience provided a well of unforgettable memories. The lesson has been: nothing moves as an empty trajectory, as change brings continuing transformations affecting our path and, in a broader sense, they can make our world better or worse.

Colors and ideas play a major role in setting my life in motion while being keen by the irony of paradoxes, metaphors, and double standards. It doesn’t matter which voice or language we speak to communicate, but the tone and actions we add, matters. We hope our characters will bring a smile to your face while navigating through the pages.

We love dots and add lots of ellipses at the end of what we write. We know some are out of place. Feel free to complete our thoughts as you please. In the end, subjectivity will change the meaning of everything even when an effort is made to excel with clarity on grammatical skills.

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The Wish

Is to never lose a sense of perspective while finding alternative solutions when facing difficult choices. Continue to express concepts, analyzing issues that move me or affect all life on the planet, in a way I believe to be fair. Naturally, always aware that everything is subjective, as there is nothing set on stones.

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The Muse

The Muse happened to be the reason for embarking on a transformative, fulfilling and creative road in technology learning to use the different tools, and register the unforgettable memories from a long chapter in my life, through a variety of mediums while opening the future for possibilities. The experience from this particularly complex decade compelled me to register in chronological order in the book Memento a Point in Time. No doubt, the choice has been profoundly gratifying.

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The Mind

The world is not a country. All humans have the same needs and concern no matter in which part of the planet one lives. This concept was at the core of my upbringing, as a vehicle to stimulate education and awareness, training the mind to question, to never surrender to manipulation or follow others, without exercising critical thinking. The point was to listen, be selective, research the contradictions, and realize what is clearly wrong. After all, critical thinking is what sets us apart from the animal kingdom.


eclectic body of work

We already mentioned that we are influenced by the moment in all important issues the world has been facing, our love for nature and the flaws of the human mammal. The characters have been inspired by the wildlife from my years in the woods or people we know.

However, as humor is genetic, is at the root of everything you see or read. My life included. Impossible to resist absurdities from products designed with a purpose in mind (?); demonstrative celebrations of dystopian ideologies; rituals of flushing your brain from reason down through the tubes of the intestines. From how “clean” has entered the mainstream from design to diet inside a world filled with chemicals and a great majority rolling in sewer.

How communication has turned into ridiculous icons and sentences with no intellectual meaning, written for buffoons. How LIKE has become “seal of approval” when who gives a shit to please strangers? There is not enough time to draw everything sketched because the material is limitless.

book cover

Love and Hormones

A fully illustrated book, with useful information, lots of cartoons and an index list guiding the reader to further research some of the subjects. As science never stops advancing, it should be anyone's concern to learn the latest studies on everything health. We chose a humorous approach to the chemical cycles, as they are real and affect all our interactions. Our long string of DNA provided a rich load of inherited dysfunctions. Some could be solved easely with a good endocrinologyst. Love is more chemically influenced by hormonal cycles than people want to accept. The majority chose to believe in cultural distorted theories in detriment to their health.

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Memento a point in Time

Because of Katrina, I was forced to be displaced from the place I called home. Luckily, I had an offer while many had none. The new life and a career in design carved the future allowing me to start writing my books and whatever moves me. This one explains why I embarked on the world of technology. A career which provides me with the necessary tools to turn myself into a complete studio, creating my site and express what inspires me. This book is my simple ode to nature, the pleasure of creating a garden and especially, the wild life who befriended me. These relationships became personal, as I focused on keeping as many records as I could from the exchanges. They left me with a wealth of magical moments and will continue to inspire me until the end.

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graphic design of a women crying, buised, abused

About women

Violence against women is so systemic all over the world. Although, with numbers impossibly to be accepted inside a supposedly "advanced society," the richest in the world, who continuously brags about values, family tradition and the entitlement of advertising exceptionalism. This assault on reason makes me feel passionate about this subject. As a woman and a world citizen, I feel compiled to show the mathematic on its unacceptable numbers.

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graphic design of guns with question mark

About violence

The number of American soldiers who died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were 6,845, while the death toll as a result of gun violence from 2005 to 2015 was 301,000. Since then, the numbers have increased by the thousands. Now, ou do the math and ask yourself how your conscience justifies it.

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title of illustrated stories and logo of the series

Illustrated stories

The World of Us is a series of short graphic humorous stories in which a couple under the spell of love meanders its twist/turns caused by our biochemical differences. Naturally it has been inspired by own personal life with my late husband.

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The concept behind the collection is to transform ideas into a verbal visual montage. They represent a subjective interpretation of what we understand to be clear paradoxes, dichotomies and the love for all life on our planet. The motto is never to follow anyone’s rules on how things must BE. We simply ARE, using lots of colors to paint what moves us at the moment.

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About humor

Humor is what makes the absurd, the grotesque, the shocking bearable. From theories of beliefs to their preachers; to a list of APPS measuring your bow movement; a newly designed toilet letting you know if you are going to have a heart attack; or some generously installed inside feminine napkins aimed to remind you to change it. Others, to convince you that life is beautiful even when you know yours stink; or what to eat; how to turn yourself into Da Vince, when you cannot even draw a 4 petals elementary flower. How can I stand still and feel tied up under such a universe of possibilities?

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a male running chased by a mouse

Political cartoons

I cannot resist absurdities. Daily reported news sometimes cut the opportunity for making the stuff up. So, we have to put our two cents into it, using of course our style. How can one take everything seriously when flagrant social behavior of professionals, leaders, religious fanatics, bastion of "morals and principles" behave like clowns in the circus, but without the ha ha?.

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two lady rabbits saying hello to each other

Opiniators with their own pages

Ines the rabbit was inspired by the life and personality of a fantastic woman, activist of her time, who befriend me and whose personality was fascinating. She used to fill up bus loads of people to go and protest to legislators sessions. At the time we became friends she was already 90 years old and with the same energy. An unforgetable friendship. All the rabbits follow the same root, as I happen to admire people who question and are corageous to seek truth.

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Inseparable friends

a kitchen scene between the rabbit chef and the chicken who cannot stop having eggs

All the created characters are related to people I knew and know, from my eclectic alter ego and, the wild life who shared our physical space during the years I lived in the woods. Chef Ragout Lapin and Paulette the chicken, are no doubt based on all of those people, pets and way of my own life. Everything created has deep roots into reality, but with our own creative "twist." We hope you enjoy them.

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My ecosystem

woman standing by the window looking at the sky

When I find myself questioning the reasons why I am here, the dark and mysterious universe filled with its endless little lights have been my favorite place for answers. Visit the INTRO to THE UNIVERSE

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