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Nouns . . .

the new powerful mutants in our weaken infected society.

The world of all of us continues as complex as it has always been, and becoming more nuanced due to the tools that have been developing in the last decades.

“For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice.”

T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets
(at the end of this page you can hear it with T.S. Eliot )

From “canceled culture” to gaslighting, to ghosting, in the last 2 decades, thanks to social media herd mentality, and, a prior list of well-known such as a meme, follow, like, catfish, trolls, dis, cloud, handle, tag, profile, tweet, viral, block, etc. a new “verbal insult gallery” has been created.

Of course, the ones who get “infected” by the “conversation” are those who follow the language. A language inspired by the connotation to detract  "the other."  They are not the usual preached “moral values and tradition” kind, but a direct attack. Therefore, words have been creating a series of new psychological viruses.

Is not enough COVID-19 and its 1001 variations, mixed with the completely misunderstood idea of “freedom,” (pre-historically misunderstood!), and the addition of using what we call democracy.” Turning into a threat and instability to governing societies with extensive damage and no possible solution for the near future.

Mind you that in the case of DEMOCRACY, its only a form of government, which to this day (that I am aware of) is unclear. But no matter what is written in the dictionaries, school books, history, etc. it seems that all over the world, rich educated societies still don’t have a clue understanding the definition of the form of government they live under. Except, for oppressed societies that know it well!

As most “developed societies” live under this “idea” of government system, NONE understand fully its meaning, much less the definition of “idea.” Searching, I found that the best definition to share comes from the Convention of Human Rights Manual that was written to educate young people. The Human Right Convention, glorified it from an “idyllic and poetic” point of view, with something that one think it should have been enough to unified all human apes on earth.

“The word democracy comes from the Greek words "demos", meaning people, and "kratos" meaning power; so democracy can be thought of as "power of the people": a way of governing which depends on the will of the people.”

This definition was NEVER SET ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN with a relative of Abraham and burned on a stone! This governing system had and have many “mutants” formats. But, if you are literate, it gives a general “ idea of what it means." Which in my subjective interpretation, "the idea of by the people" is responsible for creating confusion, entering the cure of a real virus during the pandemic! What in hell has a democracy with vaccines?

Politically, and in society with critical thought, we are all humans, and should be treated “fairly” (a rare noun) until we are proven not fit. All should be understood as good and simple. Although note: simplicity is the most fucked up subjective interpretation for humans to grasp!

Yes, when we all were brothers and sisters hanging from the branches and walking on 4, it was easier to fight for the banana. To have a form of government “by the will of the people” (with 8 billion??) If in a marriage 2 can cause an explosion, 8 billions of us is nuclear!

In the meantime, . . . why not gas with a huge bombastic fart, all the nouns, verbs, and adverbs that torment each of you, beginning by strengthening your psychological immune system!

This is 2023! If you cannot evolve, there is no future. Because you don’t even know how to plow the fucking field to plant your food! And, along the path, realize that your freedom finishes when the fellow next to you begins!

The world of us

Is a series of short graphic stories in which a couple under the spell of love meanders its twist/turns caused by our biochemical differences. We are also heirs to a long genetic history, more complex and dysfunctional that we can begin to account for.

No matter how much effort is aimed toward making or believing in statements generalizing anything related to the human brain and its functions with mathematical precision . . . well, we are far from it.

A quote by Freud, inspired us to research about hormones and the end result, was our book Love and Hormones a path to love, launching the World of us series.

The stories are inspired by our colorful personal and creative life and they might be completely off from your own experiences. But we hope they spark a smile.

No matter how “predictable” society or science aim to be at human relationships, we'll never find out a magic formula on how to achieve the perfect bliss.It's best to enjoy the ride if it feels worth it. Finding out along the way how to deal with the inevitable twist/turns and, see what will happen. it’s all possible!

Place your mouse on images with acronyms or abbreviations in order to read the vocabulary


ATM: at the moment

2MTH: too much to handle

2MT:too many things


??: I have a question

AYS: are you serious?

UR: you are

female laptop2
female sit

AFAIC: as far as I am concern

AMAP:as much as possible


AU; I have a question

female front

AW: I wonder

female sit3

AMOF: as a matter of fact


404: I don't know

AQAP:as quick as possible


AOTA: all of the above

female hands

SOC: separation of concerns

male think

IDK: I don't know

AISI: as I see it


4ACOL: for crying out loud


AFAIC: as far as Iam concern


55555: ha in Thai

ABU: all bugged up

male left
female haha
male hands3
female front3
male aha
female smiling

AEAP: as early as possible


ATSL: along the same lines

female screen

UX: user experience

AYT: at your terminal

male hand heart

SOZ: sorry

143: I love you

female kiss

1432: I love yout to


4 UR: for our

bow kiss

T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

“For last year's words belong to last year's language And next year's words await another voice.”

listen T.S. Eliot reading the book