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The world of us

Is a series of short graphic stories in which a couple under the spell of love meanders its twist/turns caused by our biochemical differences. We are also heirs to a long genetic history, more complex and dysfunctional that we can begin to account for.

No matter how much effort is aimed toward making or believing in statements generalizing anything related to the human brain and its functions with mathematical precision . . . well, we are far from it.

A quote by Freud, inspired us to research about hormones and the end result, was our book Love & Hormones a path to love, launching the World of us series.

The stories are inspired by our colorful personal and creative life and they might be completely off from your own experiences. But we hope they spark a smile.

No matter how “predictable” society or science aim to be at human relationships, we'll never find out a magic formula on how to achieve the perfect bliss.It's best to enjoy the ride if it feels worth it. Finding out along the way how to deal with the inevitable twist/turns and, see what will happen. it’s all possible!

Place your mouse on images with acronyms or abbreviations in order to read the vocabulary


ATM: at the moment

2MTH: too much to handle

2MT:too many things


??: I have a question

AYS: are you serious?

UR: you are

female laptop2
female sit

AFAIC: as far as I am concern

AMAP:as much as possible


AU; I have a question

female front

AW: I wonder

female sit3

AMOF: as a matter of fact


404: I don't know

AQAP:as quick as possible


AOTA: all of the above

female hands

SOC: separation of concerns

male think

IDK: I don't know

AISI: as I see it


4ACOL: for crying out loud


AFAIC: as far as Iam concern


55555: ha in Thai

ABU: all bugged up

male left
female haha
male hands3
female front3
male aha
female smiling

AEAP: as early as possible


ATSL: along the same lines

female screen

UX: user experience

AYT: at your terminal

male hand heart

SOZ: sorry

143: I love you

female kiss

1432: I love yout to


4 UR: for our

bow kiss

T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

“For last year's words belong to last year's language And next year's words await another voice.”

listen T.S. Eliot reading the book