rabbit activistInes, the gadfly . . .

Think about me as a gadfly.” If you don’t know what a gadfly is here it goes: is a fly that upsets livestock. And, because humans love to use the animal kingdom as a comparative database in search for pejorative term to describe a person they want to put down, a gadfly is a metaphor for describing a person who upsets the status quo by posing upsetting or inquisitve questions.

I guess you can say . . . everything you would have loved the "free press" to be!

In the last few years many have proven to be only butterflies!

checkmark smallin case you wonder where the inspiration came from . . .

The term "gadfly" was used by Plato in “The Apology” (399 BC) to describe Socrates' problematic relationship with the Athenian political scene. Socrates described himself as a gadfly because he used to approach those who said what they "knew," interrogating them until their certainty proved to be groundless.

making a stink about fake news now?

A couple of decades ago I heard a talk radio person announcing that Russian helicopters landed in Alabama with troops carrying flashlights, as a beginning of an invasion. Fake news, fake accusations, are as old as the world. Yes, my friends, I am not joking. Wise up and focus on searching for the truth!

Naturally, this has been the Putin era, when it comes to our democracy. . . Now, as he turned out to be a BFF to some and admired as a leader, it leaves with a pause to question

hum . . . wonder if the naked torso did it . . . after all it was an American who told him how to show his mighty physically . . . maybe undress?

we only hear MEN in awe with his style . . . undressing is their thing . . .

a case for an interesting study . . .

Plato’s point was that it’s easy to swat a gadfly like Socrates, but society could pay a high cost for doing so. Why? Because the gadfly might be right...

Notice that I said, “might be right,” not “was” or “is” right. The point is: the search for truth must be carried out freely and in the open. A free society doesn’t silence one side of the debate—it keeps searching for real answers. To silence truth means hiding it purposely.

That is, find TRUTH is for the benefit of justice itself. Which is the goal of any developed society.

hum . . . are we one?

Elizabeth warren, one of our gadflies was gaged?

turquoise dotHer "colleagues" used at the time Rule 19a to silence Lizzy . because of "impugning Session's character" hum . . .

It will be interesting to find what is the number for the "rule of ethics,"to be applied to quite a few members of the House and Senate, don't you think?


Lizzy gaged by . . .


now, she continues to be insulted by POTUS . . . something to say for misogynism or racism?

Way back in 430 BC Socrates was asking these questions:

what kind of beings we are?


how should we live our lives?

what is the right kind of government we should aspire for?

the horse

we are responsible for our choices

of a good Greek myth tale to read: Bellerophon

yellow quoteDo you remember how Bellerophon loses Pegasus and the gods' favor? Bellerophon attempted to ride Pegasus to the top of Mt. Olympus, thinking he was entering the realm of gods . . . But Zeus became enraged by his human audacity and sends a gadfly to sting Pegasus, sending the winged horse straight back to Earth . . .

a thought: should we all hang on to hope? Nothing lasts forever . . .

the orwellian protest

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