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While looking in awe at the beauty of nature, we cannot but admit the perfection of the universe. The diversity of shapes, textures and colors make us feel a sense of a magical wonder. It's right in front of our eyes and we cannot deny its beauty. IT'S A CLEAR FACT!

When it comes to all "other" facts, they can be dismissed by preconceived notions, aimed at distorting a series of issues, according to the intention in which a particular ideology wants to affect a segment of the society who thrives in not demanding accountability or proof. As Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius (121Ad-180Ad) already had the vision to state it:

Studies have shown that being surrounded by or wiewing the beauty of nature, is one of the best medicines for mental and physical health. While the distortion of facts, can impact with negativity in a variety of cultural and social issues, not only to a single individual, but entire communities, a country, and ramifications throughout the world.

A garden is a perfect microcosm, showing how existance, survival and beauty depend upon the interactivity between the various species: bees, insects, butterflies, birds, flowers, air, rain, sun, cold, heat and us. Unless we acknowledge this fact we won't be able of mainting the cycle life whithin our planet.

hardy perennials

Flower family season variety

This chart focus mostly on hardyperenials because they fare really well in many areas of the country with various climate changes, such as the north east. They demand little maintenance and multiply forever. A happy wild flower you should have in your garden is "black-eye-susan." Birds love them and they bloom thehot months of summer, a time of the year which can be hard on your garden. Check this lovely article. BLACK-EYE-SUSAN

Azalea Ericaceae early spring 800+sp
Rhododendron Ericaceae spring/summ 1024 sp
Forsythia Oleaceae early spring +- 600 sp
Cherry Prunus spring +600 sp
Rose Rosaceae spring/early fall +- 100 sp
Apple Malus spring +- 30-35sp
Lilacs Sirynga early summer +- 25 sp
Catnip Nepeta cataria summer/fall +-250sp
Hydrangeas hydrange summer/fall +-70-75sp
Daylily Hemerocallis summer +60,000 regist.
Black-eyed Susans Rudbeckia hirta jun/oct June/Oct +-30sp
Daisy Montk Asteraceae summer/fall wild flower
Peonies Paeoniaceae middle spring Ap/Jun +-29sp
Veronica Plantaginaceae summer/fall +- 500 sps.

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Life is a string of building blocks,as building a home from the ground up. A garden is an example on how the universe works. Nothing is possible without the interactivities and co-dependencies among the species.

The best way to begin a garden is by selecting a group of perenials, which will provide a solid foundation. You can count on them to delight you year after year, reproducing as much as you want them to and, having enough to share with others. They require minimal work and you can add annuals and experiment with them as you discover along how magical your green-thumb can be.

Birds, bees and butterflies love them and you will become addicted paying attention to them frolicking around your world, filled with colors, personality and music. There will be always plenty of weeds. Some are great for your health. Plus, the special habitants of your community depend on them for survival. For example, Dandelion is a powerful one. Its yellow flowers covering the grounds in early spring are like a welcoming big smile from nature and a sign of renewal. Anyone with a garden should avoid chemicals. They are harmfull to all. A reminder of what has been happening with bees, who are indispensable in our food chain.

The Temple of Nature/ The Origin of Society

book byErasmus Darwin1803

32. The Importance of Sympathy: ll. 467-90

O’er the thrill’d frame his words

assuasive steal, And teach the selfish heart

what others feel; With sacred Truth each

erring thought control, Bind sex to sex,

and mingle soul with soul.‘From Heaven,’

he cries, ‘descends the moral plan, And

gives Society to savage man.High on yon

scroll, inscribed o’er Nature’s shrine, Live

in bright characters the words divine:

“In Life’s disastrous scenes, to others do

What you would wish by others done to you.”


Erasmus was the first person to fully understand and explain the process of photosynthesis in plants and to describe the formation of clouds.

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The question is:
should the quest for the fatcs be prioritized?

instead, accept the state of permanent compliance filled with dark clouds of misinformation and distortions just because cultural ideology refuses reality? letter block

The most influential lobbies in W.D.C.year 2015

the Center for Responsive Politics is a nonpartisan, independent and nonprofit, is the nation's premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy.

Companies Money

You are free to distribute or cite this material,provided you credit the Center. For permission to reprint for commercial uses, such as textbooks, contact the CenterABOUT

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US Chamber of Commerce $84,730,000
National Assn of Realtors $37,788,407
Blue Cross/Blue Shield $23,702,049
American Medical Assn $21,930,000
Boeing Co $21,921,000
General Electric $20,920,000
American Hospital Assn $20,687,935
Business Roundtable $19,250,000
Pharmaceutical Rsrch & Mfrs of America   $18,920,000
National Assn of Broadcasters $17,360,000
National Assn of Manufacturers   $16,950,000
Alphabet Inc $16,660,000
ATT Inc. $16,370,000
Comcast Corp $15,680,000
CVS Health $15,230,000
National Cable & Telecommunications Assn $14,120,000
Lockheed Martin $13,794,053
Southern Co $12,860,000
American Bankers Assn $12,690,000
FedEx Corp $12,405,835

What about your health?

brief run through the state of America's Healthcare system

the above is only a tiny fraction of information. The rest is up to you and me to research according to your focus of interest.

70% of Americans take prescription drugs. Read more

do you know how much the industry spends to "drug" you?Read more

Show You America's Drug of Choice— CHECK REPORT

comparative healthcare program from all other countries by

read more

This link will take you to the interactive chart showing the control big pharma has on your doctors accross the entire USA.

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Healthcare expenditures in the United States are twice of those of other developed countries.
United States per capita healthcare expenses is more than twice the average of other developed countries
Prices for brand-name drugs are typically higher in the U.S. than other developed countries.
Even discounted drugs prices are higher than any other developed countries
In the U.S., drug companies set their own prices and raise them over time.
Medicare, one of the biggest U.S. buyers of medicine,is prohibited from negotiating prices directly with drug companies.
One in 25 Patients End Up with Hospital-Acquired Infections, CDC Warns
HealthGrades, which provides quality ratings on nearly 5,000 American hospitals, analyzed approximately 40 million Medicare patients' records from 2007 through 2009 for its 2011 report,6 which found that one in nine patients developed a hospital-acquired infection
According to annual mortality statistics: Preventable medical errors persist as the No. 3 killer in the U.S. – third only to heart disease and cancer – claiming the lives of some 400,000 people each year.
The journal Obstetrics and Gynecology study reported that the maternal mortality rate in the United States increased between 2000 and 2014, even while the rest of the world succeeded in reducing its rate.
Texas has highest maternal mortality rate in developed world.

List of states based upon Federal Government dependency

We hear continuosly about "freeloader of the system," the "entitlements," and the "interference" of the American Federal Government in everything. The best way for anyone to clear some ideas is to look at some charts.

Although, here is not a criticism of the millions of Americans who workd hard and contribute to the coffers of the nation with their blood, sweat and tears, there are some states which receives a far higher return on their federal income tax contributions than others.

Mississipi again takes the first place in a financial income dependency from the Federal Government Financial dependency as a state and, their residents dependency from the Federal Government federal aids.

ranks states total score residents depend governm. depend

In case you want to read more about statistical charts based upon financial studies, this information source is interesting: STATISTIC CHARTS

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1 Mississippi 62.08 11 1
2 New Mexico 55.45 2 8
3 Alabama 53.00 5 9
4 Louisiana 51.29 39 2
5 Tenesseee 50.07 20 3
6 Montana 49.51 12 2
7 South Dakota 49.34 19 4
8 Kentucky 47.27 10 12
9 West Virginia 46.64 7 16
10 Missouri 45.07 30 5
11 Georgia 47.27 10 12
12 Maine 44.3 13 10
13 Arizona 42.64 14 14
14 South Carolina 14 14 30
15 North Dakota 40.49 1 50
16 Wyoming 40.30 24 11
17 Idaho 39.73 18 15
18 Indiana 39.52 15 204
19 Oregon 38.96 27 13
20 Oklahoma 38.83 16 17
21 Vermont 37.74 21 21
22 Maryland 36.22 6 33
23 Rhode Island 35.39 31 18
24 Michigan 33.16 34 23
25 Ohio 32.97 45 19
26 North Caroline 32.89 33 25
27 Arkansas 32.77 37 22
28 Pennsylvania 31.68 17 29
29 Texas 31.67 41 24
30 Florida 31.43 29 28
31 Iowa 30.22 40 27
32 Nebraska 30.22 42 26
33 Utah 27.81 22 31
34 Wisconsin 24.93 23 36
35 Colorado 23.89 28 35
36 Washington 23.49 25 37
37 Hawaii 23.38 3 49
38 Massachussetts 22.94 43 32
39 Virginia 22.59 9 47
40 Alaska 21.69 8 48
41 New York 21.07 46 34
42 New Hampshire 19.57 44 38
43 Minnesota 17.31 48 39
44 Nevada 17.10 32 43
45 Illinois 16.36 47 40
46 California 16.25 36 42
47 Kansas 15.78 38 44
48 New Jersey 14.76 49 41
49 Connecticut 13.42 35 46
50 Delaware 12.90 50 45

information is key to self-preservation