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C harles de Montaigne (1533-1592) discussion on human submission to violations against justified reasoning, continues to impact my mind since my teens years. I have yet to find a clearer approach aiming to ponder what lies behind societal acceptance of being held captive under the most cruel forms of control by a small number of people who are totally unqualified to move them toward a healthier alternative.

Montaigne rezoning was a result of being witness to the cruelty of the religious wars that lasted for decades In Europe and, by his keen observation of humans as a creature of weakness and failure; of inconstancy and uncertainty; of incapacity and their ability to bear multiple personalities, many times contradictory to their own. His skepticism was sealed with a famous historic remark: "Que sçay-je?" ("What do I know?"), later changed to modern French as “Que sais-je?”

The question continues to be relevant 500 years later, while following many of the “visionary” ideas by some ( such as an alternative to planet Earth). One can only cynically assume, that behind the vision there is a lucrative bottom line and, the delusion of expanding the belief of perpetuating selective concepts of divisive societal organization. All clearly identifiable, due to who is behind the smoke screen of each project. Many places on earth have no toilets; how hard is to eradicate this basic health hazard?
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One can dare say that the evolution in science, technology, methods of education has not changed in any shape or form the mind and soul of the human mammal. We are what we have always been, no matter time and space and geographic location.

How humans allow to be hacked by megalomaniacs who destroy the balance of a healthy society, still is truly a perenNial phenomenon in the digital age.

Montaigne observations about freedom and independence and human willingness to subjection is presented in three simple lines:

Public service is not for everyone, neither activism, as life and family basic needs have specific individual demands. Unless there is an "agenda." Critical thinking, on the other hand, is what sets us apart from the animal kingdom. Allowing cruelty to sabotage one’s life and the future of the ones we preach we love due to cultural beliefs, is another form of cruelty in its own. All my dogs knew not to pee inside the house without ever being hit.

Ideals of independence?


The French Revolution comes to mind, like a quintessence paradox symbol of freedom and delusion of equality, as a model for liberation toward a more idealistic form of governments. I set aside the idea of fraternity which was thrown into the mix, in memory of the hundredths of beheaded humans who endured the first brunt of the meaning of equality. The number is between 18,000-40,000 executed human beings.

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2019 America women are non-equal, killed in the thousands and abused by the millions!

The concept of equality, in itself, is cruel, because it’s applied under a convenient interpretation of oppression. Loops are visibly in every aspect of the law. And laws are applied based upon the messenger, who delivers with the perfect lip service the fait accompli beyond a reasonable doubt. While a gullible public claps with enthusiasm the lies that are being presented. Reminds me of the Japanese industry of fake foods, enticing the viewer to eat a lousy meal, moved by the plasticized art of a toxic concoction presented at the vitrine with a version of the real thing.

The tantalizing effect of using “freedom” as a pretext for domination has and continues to kill millions of human beings worldwide. The idea in which democratic societies own the entitlement of freedomis one of the greatest’s myths of all times. The only place in the world one is free is the mind. Provided the mind is free from the cultural belief of an aftermath life in hell or the delusion of abusing women in paradise.

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