Sustainability? We better understand what is we are sustaining . . .

S ustainability is the ability to continue to define a behavior indefinitely, be that in relationship to any variety of issues with related actions, dominance, habits, etc. Some of the major examples in which sustainability applies:

If we want a better world, consider ourselves people with values, then the critical thinking process will guide toward the right path.

No matter how good sustainability sounds morally as a call to “conscience,” it's fundamentally important to know how “sustainability” is being applied, to what, to whom and with which kind of “aim” and by whom.

A clear example of wrong sustainability is the continuous purpose to deny women their humanity and control their bodies, while giving a dam about the consequences of their ailments, threat to life/death decisions, the future of their families and the disruption of the social order.

The year of 2018 presented a good reason for introducing back the “cold war” noun ( Russia is so involved in our national discourse) and use effective “detent” to control the agression from all kind of abuse of powers, abuse of manipulation by marketeers pushing all the way superficial unnecessary gadgets polluting the environment but you cannot live without.

The suggestion that you can wear your cozy house sleeper to the ball . . . quite frankly, should be a "detent" for fashionistas, unless of course the heard mentalitty prevails.

as far as I am concern, styletos will be in style as long as the Greek sandals have

legs  high heels

About women and their bodies:

are women going to continue to allow "anyone" to make decisions about their lives?

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