Glymphatic system health alert: unplugged?

I f you think there is anything around without reason for being, think again. The concept of wellbeing through cleanse is proved necessary for our general health and a must for the brain. As we have become increasingly aware that we have been surrounded by certifiably nuts in strategic position of influence, toxics and a 24-hour cycle of unstoppable nonsense, while the brain receives the majority of the brunt, any good news is in itself a breath of hope. I don’t know how your brain reacts to all, but I can assure that mine is going bonkers just by listening and reading what is being said or done.

Thanks to science and for our peace of mind, it was discovered that we have a waste clearance system to promote efficient elimination of the different toxics traveling inside our brain. The prior belief that our central nervous system (CNS) was left to face it all without help, is no longer a panic for researchers, who used to rush to find formulas with more chemicals, creating resources to support human central nervous system (CNS). They can focus instead on how to make sure the internal software we have, works properly for those with deficiency and a long list of more serious health issues.

The glymphatic system, recently discovered, is a microscopic, waste clearance system to promote efficient elimination of soluble proteins and metabolites from the central nervous system, facilitating brain-wide distribution of several compounds, including glucose, lipids, amino acids, growth factors, and neuromodulators.


It is a myth to boast that anything bigger matters, as it is a proven fact they do not. However, brainpower does matter. Again, the catch is: it functions mainly during sleep and is mostly disengaged when we are fully awake. No argument there, since most residents of the planet are disengaged from reality while having their eyes wide opened during plenty of blinding sunshine days. Sleeping allows the brain to enter a state of activities eliminating potentially neurotoxic waste products.

doctors analyzing patientWe thought that a piece of paper, used as self-promotion for exemplary wisdom, like our Constitution, which is defended furiously by the convenient interpretation of some (who swear it’s our defense from nuts), could work as efficiently as nature. But, only nature has the real power to remind us of its omnipotence.

As the body digestive system has a tube for expulsion, the brain has a glymphatic system. I wish we can use the same methods of expulsion to cleanse our political system. The pathway is like an interstate exit allowing cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to douche the toxins of the brain and the spinal cord. Nature is a wonder!

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