Visual satire

a pollitician as a clown a sentence meaning we only have today several hate words with a reversed one for change word that says collusion photo composition in reference to women health bookcover Memento a point in time  business card  business card poster about the environment illustration lady's hand eating poster about art graphic of lady Justice illustration lady's hand writing drawing of a dog with a bird on its head
woman sitting at ther office a word that says today cartoon  of woman face using the noun truth for her nose, and eyes drawings of women carrying guns drawings of women and colored pens poster about manipulation a group of doctors examining a patient photo montage with books photo montage with books little devil having a tantrum poster various designs of business cards big bird cartoon of Potus development of the humanoid
drawing of politicians as old chickens graphic design with a joker card game and text visit to Saudi Arabia by Potus cartoon  of man and doctor about loosing haircartoon  of male going back to the cave rabbit painter a word  behind Duarte coming out from a cake singing  napolean on a horse with a cellphone hand with strawberry hand with strawberry graphic of circles with lgtb colors graphic design with eye glasses and text
emperor Josephine on a couch a collage of human organs cat on a table words making a circular design male female holding hands illustrations of politicians and the children of immigrants word woman reading making male smell her foot a group of women at the Golden Globe dressed with burka chased by a dog drawing of magnifier glass with people under it graphic design of a yorkie woman seating with her mouth taped drawing of politicians as old chickens open drawer with things