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Intro: The Universe

logo The happiest moments make me feel like I have my own planet, with perfect cycles of the four seasons, the pleasure of the days, followed by the mysteries of the nights.
By LaBelle

W hen I find myself questioning the reasons why I am here, the dark and mysterious universe filled with its endless little lights has been my favorite place for answers.

The discovery that we are made of dead stars dust became as poetic and comforting as the memory of the children's books read, or the ones invented by the imagination of the people we loved the most. drawing og of little prince My mother, an avid reader, had a fantastic flair for storytelling. She made it to be so real, that some beliefs lasted beyond the normal age of discovery. I never felt embarrassed after finding out they were beautifully invented lies. The childhood friends who tried to convince me to the contrary realized it was pointless trying to change my mind, but never made jokes about it either.

The Little Princewas and still is one of my favorite lifetime books. Who can forget his emotional conflicts about the real meaning of bond and the responsibility with things that matter the most? Life is a journey of uploading what is unnecessary, downloading a few of them later on, learning how to focus on what counts, to finally deleting all unnecessary load and keeping it light.

universeThroughout the millenniums' astronomers, physicists, and all layers of science have been obsessed with how it all came to be, from spending nights looking at the sky, all the way to building powerful telescopy stations on the top of various mountains across the globe or sending men to few locations of the universe.

The Big bang theory and the Milky Way, no matter how many new up-to-date discoveries, continue to be mysterious, leaving plenty of disputable conclusions.

According to scientists, after the Big Bang the Universe has been moving toward a state of entropy. In case you don’t know: entropy is the progression of a system from order to disorder. Many scientists explain it by using the egg. That is: a full egg with its yolk and the white intact is in perfect order. However, after you crack it and make a scramble egg . . . it turns into a “disorder.”

Entropy visually explainded

boy inside egg food plater

I have the habit of reading about all these fascinating subjects, and the case of the egg has been a simple and familiar way to understand all life in the planet. After all, everything is composed by two “contributor" forces,” who produce some encapsulated matter which eventually will be ready to “explode.” I am not comparing the powerfull "contributor forces" meaning using a comparison behind the greassy exchange between the "tall and fat" leader with the "short and fat one" . . . because that one can go nuclear.

Naturally, the human mind has mastered a series of complex interpretations, with consequences noir enough to make us wonder if we are heading faster toward the end than we thought. We know "disorder" is in.

The new findings raise the possibility that human consciousness could be a side effect of entropy. How can we deny that "consciouness" (no matter how many humans seem to have lost it), is inside all the particles of the universe? Okay, the side effect can be just like if you got drunk, the next day you feel miserable because you lost some particles . . . So, I am not surprised. We are made of particles of dead stars anyway.

Accept the fact that no matter how you think of yourself as someone superior by any number of reasons: social status, money, position, invented racial divisions, and human inequalities . . . there is no point in setting yourself apart from anything in the Universe because we are a combination of all the chemicals spread across the infinity open space that surround us. Your own “particle” is really as invisible and unimportant as the sand across the shores of a beautiful beach.

The composition of the human body

mn women body
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