dogMy name is Tilly. I was a dog that thought of myself as a person. So I was a person-dog. I was a huntress, a prissy tom girl. I was a Yorkie and small. They say I was a “tea cup” which made no sense as couldn't fit inside one.

When it was cold and I was out with my mother, everybody stopped and asked how they could get what I was wearing. As I was an artist, in the midst of a creative spell, I decided to become an independent dog-business owner and open my own boutique at LaBelleLoshe.com. I’ve named my boutique and my fashion line Tillytogs, intending to dress only friends who are my size.

If you are looking for bows, skirts, and dresses, I’m afraid this is not the place for you. There was nothing I disliked more than looking silly or in a costume. I don’t dress for special occasions, and certainly not to look like a person.

I dressed up when it was cold outside. Comfort was my thing as I loved to run freely through the fields, chasing everything in sight, while wearing my warm cashmere or woolen sweaters and looking super cool and cozy.

I also only used the finest people’s sweaters to make my own. It’s less wasteful that way, and who says I wanted to lower the quality of my sweaters? Yes, style, quality, and comfort mattered to me.


You can read my story by clicking on the image below. I lived a grand life and will have a lot to share