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During my research about the etymology of manipulation, I came across the Latin definition of war. It became a moment of epiphany in understanding one of the roots of women’s issues. As men have re-written history into reality under a variety of ulterior motives, the subjugation of women has been one that continues all the way to the 21 Century with no end in sight.

Bella, mulier qui hominum allicit et accipit eos per fortis


War, a woman who lures men and takes them by force.

Statistical studies have proven that women have been always the victims of brutality by men during war or at any time they want to show virility, and personal power! Naturally, they stablished a theorem in which women are inferior human beings, created by popping out of their back!

One wonders who were their mothers, and how little their brains were in order to be able to discern the composition of human bodies or how procreation was possible.

Therefore, with the continuing violence toward women inside the most supposedly advanced nation in the world, we are witnessing extraordinary times in which the “accusing- the-victim” theory, have been supported in high numbers by manipulated feminine minds. Something truly appalling.

A typical case, with a noir ‘pre-historic-dark age-feeling” has been to hear, and watch the process of nomination of a candidate for life to sit until death do us part at the Supreme Court. Incomprehensible for sure, for a modern society.


Aphorism is a statement which contains a truth revealed in a concise manner often applied to moral, philosophical and literary principles. Because they supposedly contain truth it makes them acceptable, and a “handy” choice for philosophers, politicians, or any famous people looking to impress their audience, leaving a mark for the future generations.

During the Senate hearing of his confirmation process, the supposedly future Supreme Court Judge for life,

Brett Kavanaugh stated that his confirmation process wasn't "advice and consent,” it was “search and destroy"

His affirmation didn’t come with the usual touch of humor that can make an aphorism more “appealed” to the audience. He knew there was no reason for introducing a “ha ha” moment, as his supporters belong to a 35% group of the population, who have been living for a long time under a premeditated new reality, in which “the truth is no longer truth.”

Why bother to introduce the usual “ha ha” aphorism cliché for his clappers, who have been for years focused into destroying institutions of order inside a “developed democratic” society, betraying the principles in which the nation was founded? While, of course, using those principals to engage in decades of endless wars in order to impose them to the rest of the world. You know the usual: preach and impose what we don’t practice . . .

I guess, this clear 35% minority, under the banner of “euphoric” principles of “values, tradition, church and God,” want to take control of the country through a coup d’état of hate, holding hands with the enemies of the nation, and total disregard toward the world community.

I assume they dream of leaving their historic “euphoric moments” of fake patriotism for the future generation to buy into. One can say - that the best humorous moment during a week of the lowest public display of lack of decorum by the group of people in position of leadership – surprisingly came from the chosen candidate, during an interview conducted by the most patriotic media outlet:

Kavanaugh stated: I did not have sexual intercourse or anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or for many years thereafter.”

A Virgin! Historically, the best!

Herman Northrop Frye (1912-1991), Canadian educator and literary critic, who actually left a sample of good, clear, to the point aphorism fits perfectly for this moment to define a shameful and unremorseful society who preaches endlessly about family and values:

The simplest questions are the hardest to answer.”

TRUTH, yes/no.

I wonder what kind of values they will be leaving to their descendants . . . Although, we cannot forget this other example by Rudyard Kipling:

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”

I wonder if lies will become the new opioids crisis In America.

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