Tilly story

title tilly

tilly faceMy life has been a grand one! I had lots of love, but I didn't give mine back just to anyone. I'm exclusivist. As I am also a very inquisitive dog-person, I soon discovered that all the major changes in my routine were connected with a small box. It took a while for me to get some of the names of these boxes: “telephone," or “phone," or "cell." The hardest part was to understand the changes that happenened, not after a person talked to another person, but after they would talk to a box. Or, when the box would make a noise and a person would talk to the box and say "hello." I know what "hello" means! Funny, but no one arrives! Still, nobody fools me, and soon enough I was able to connect one thing with the other.

Everything changed in one afternoon. It was the begining of something really magical. It all began with my bath. My beauty treatment was rather more extensive than usual, and I began to sniff that something was in the air. I was brushed and brushed until when the sunlight struck my coat. I blinded everyone around me.
tilly in carMary took me for a mysterious ride. I was filled with anticipation, and kept looking for clues as to where we might be headed. I must say, I lived my life “casing the joint,” so to speak. . . It’s the only way to know everything!

It was a long ride, to an area I had never seen before. All of a sudden, we arrived at a big, white gate. It opened onto a long driveway that was curved past trees and endless grass! WOW! I was speechless and breathless. The fields were awesome, and I closed my eyes wondering when I was going to be free to run and roll on all that grass!
entrance drivewayWe arrived at a white house, knocked at the door, and they let us in. Another lady came to greet us, very friendly. I inspected her with all my X-RAY powers, very discreetely, of course – though, - believe me, they are powerful. She took us to a room filled with books.There, sitting on a couch, was another lady, with white hair, who gave us a friendly smile too. My eyes and ears moved back and forth, like a Ping Pong ball during a wild match, trying to understand what was going on!

I am not shy. I am an introvert, that’s all. But seem shy, which makes a convenient cover that allows me to observe everything around me to reach my own conclusions. When it comes to what I want and feel, I always follow my instincts. They have never, ever, betrayed me! My shinny nose is powerful too.

With my bouncing eyes and ears I was trying to understand what they were all talking about. I knew they were talking about me for sure! Then, suddenly Mary said good-bye and left me on top of the couch, looking at the two new ladies. I hadn’t yet fully grasped what was happening, but I understood that I’d been left, for sure.

tilly lawn I really was so excited, and full of anticipation, that Mary was not in my mind at all. Somehow I wasn't afraid either.I was more interested in watching the two people across from me on the other couch. I felt a good vibe and immediately gave the dark-haired one a full blast of my sniffing powers! I felt good when she picked me up and took me to the other lady, so she could pet me. Then, they decided to go for a WALK. Okay, now that was a familiar word, for sure!

When the door opened and I looked at all that green around me, I thought I was going to faint from excitement! I had to control myself, and just stood still, looking at them to see what was going to happen . . .tilly eye contact However, my eyes were soon glued again on the one with the dark hair. Yes, SHE was the most intriguing one . . . She seemed to be IN CONTROL, and I just knew she was the one into whose hands I would trust myself!

It took me only one sunny afternoon to realize that I was never ever going to look back! I had found everything I had been dreaming of since I became aware of the world around me!