SOLECISM, a lapsus language

Why do we celebrate?

For millennia humans have used symbolism to express the cultural traditions they invented. Anything cultural is NOT GENETIC.They chose performances, and rituals, and used colors to associate with the symbolic meanings, including gastronomic menus with “significance,” all of which were included in a calendar to “freeze” in time these expressions, passing from one generation to another.

I dare say, instead of “passing” some feel more “imposing” and quite painful for future generations to endure. Naturally, I am not speaking of the necessary cultural survival skills that are passed from one generation to another, as those are necessary for our survival. My focus is always stimulated by cultural pageantry.

using color as an example:

WHITE: the most valid association is with light. It's logical and clear. But it was never to be enough.

White became associated with goodness, innocence, virginity, perfection, cleanliness, illumination, understanding, faith, and spirituality! OMG, also beginning, humility, softness, sincerity, peace!

I mean what is left for the other colors to match up to all the “perfectionism” qualities of white?

White went all the way becoming an attributed entitlement to a clear minority of human mammals, who nevertheless came from the same brown ape from the African Savanah, but think of themselves as a majority and a privileged race! How colorblind this turned out to be!

On one occasion someone mentioned he was a“white angel.”Do angels come in colors? Is there any proof it is true? Jesus came from the Middle East but thanks to the West's appropriation his hair became blond while his brown/black eyes were turned into blue!

I was lied to that Santa had a plane and landed on top of the terrace of our home, but it made sense because I was a child. As a result of using these kinds of lapsus languages, my parents had to take me to the zoo quite often because I was relentless about a new baby, while they were reluctant to deliver one! Later, when we went to live in a country which didn't use Santa, but instead had the tradition of the three kings, they had to give me double presents during Christmas. Can you see how "traditions" are tricky?

I further express that most of these rituals instead of focusing on “framing” feel more like a " pat on the back," with a good moral gimmick of “done a good job” by following “rules” societies invented proving to one another “how good they are/were/will be,” or “how good must look like/or colored.” These “logical lapsus language tactics” were used to create laws and determine validity, with a divisive intention from the start. Racism and gender inequality are the most divisive cruel inventions of them all.

The patriarchal hierarchy never took into account that the idea of a year came from what humans at the time understood to be " the changing seasons,” counting night/day and nature changes by adding a series of sticks together reaching 365 (I will ignore February’s special dynamic here).

The conclusion of marking meaningful events inside a calendar year with one specific day, to celebrate a higher cause while ignoring the other 364 days of maintaining it, continuing to be cruel, bad, bigot, hypocrite, hating one another during the rest, is a mind-boggling dichotomy. Especially when these dates are framed by high morals and powerful religious meanings!

Lent and Easter have always been a puzzle to me. Why? Both with profound spiritual tradition focusing on death and redemption, at the bottom they are connected to a sexual root. Remember the "white lie" of Santa landing on our terrace? Contradictions, contradictions . . .

Astonishing then, how sex became bad, continuing to be bad for women, little girls, and boys(from degradation, rape, demeaning, death, abuse), but intensively worshiped by those who preach, who not only impose it but pratice it with systemic abuse.

The celebration of carnival where excesses are the rule, is an event that continues to be officially practiced to justify repentance. New Orleans at least is honest in using the sentence "laissez les bon temps rouler" with no apology! Why should they?

Although, a Wednesday became the obscure door to enter the season of “ashes,” the tradition turned out to be a solemn period of repentance, grief, and sacrifice (diet counts as a good deed because is hell to follow). All topped by a promise to select some kind of sacrifice with the intent to be a better person. The complexity of the subject makes it worse, as sins never leave for good. Thanks to "accomodating" cultural laws, workshipers were led to believe they can get away with murder and bepardoned!

WOW! You can kill, be rotten, cruel, go in front of another sinner, beating your chest as guilty (mea culpa) but you will be ABSOLVED!Continuing to be bad has been sustainable! Those who say technology is convenient forgot that ABSOLUTION is the best convenience of all!

While every season of repent is going on bunnies, eggs and chocolates always continue creeping in big time. Who can deny bunnies are cute and an chocolate aphrodisiac? THey forget there is a bunny/sex connection.

Can we go back to thousands of years ago, when humans related it all to the seasons, harvests, and pro-creation without having a specific “catch/entendre” behind it all? Easter is the beginning of the high season of spring where life “leaps” all over on top of grass or mattresses. I mean we enter the climax where seeds turn into blossom, while the loop between the bunnies, which was a Hera, who was a hurt bird who . . . well, will be consummated.

Let me add some clarity: Hera was in Greek mythology, a beautiful woman and the Olympian goddess of marriage, women, the sky, and stars! WOW! She was also the queen of the gods. If you are a woman, don’t be excited! That is, Hera was not all of that by herself but through marriage! Zeus, seduced by her beauty, fell in love, turning himself into a cuckoo bird on top of mount Thornax (today named Mount Kokkux), to become her beloved pet birdie. It was the trick of the gods! Yes, Kokkus means cuckoo.

Thanks to Zoomorphy, the poor cuckoo-bird has become a synonym to describe someone considered to be or act as a loco. Even animal lovers like me, who condemn the use of Zoomorphy to degrade animals by depicting human faults or as insults, find myself using cuckoo instead of “loco,” with the same ease as I use nuts. Although, nuts can also be degrading to the nut plant itself, as plants have a mind of their own. No wonder we all get loco!hera

There is nothing criminal about comparing love with a cuckoo, nut, or loco. After all, imagination has wings with unlimited powers. Plato around 300 BC:

(fifth part of his Socratic dialogue in The Republic) explained that love is loco: “love is a serious mental disease.”

I won’t expand on the details. You can read his reasoning in my book Love& Hormones a path to love.” I was dumbfounded by how his reasoning is so 2020!

Friedrich Nietzsche, on the other hand, suggested the existence of a “reason.” He said: “There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness”

Following Zeus, turning himself into a pet cuckoo bird, the bird turning itself into a Hera later on, all the way to bunnies thereafter, it follows a natural flow of madness on how we celebrate, expect, and accept the rules written by imaginative minds about any subject at any time.

the word loveAnother example, and in case you are trying to find or understand logically what is considered LOVE, or define it at any time during your lifetime, don’t count on Logic (I mean the kind of Logic we had to endure during our academic years for an answer) either. Logic kills it!drawing of a bird

According to Logic love is an unqualified generalization. A fallacy! I mean, if you are madly in love, can you accept it as being a fallacy?

I can only try to explain through my interpretation how I believe that this “unqualified generalization” fallacy has been explained. The details of the steps science follow inspired me to morphe some ideas into “The World of Us” series, which began with a wild ride inside the world of drawing of a clockbiochemistry. I read in science that attraction has been clocked (literally, 5-minute swill decide your fate ), where the act of flirting has been compared to the cockerel dance of a rooster, with details enough to traumatize any movement you do with your body in front of anyone you think that is attractive.

I am told that when the male flirts with he’ll be performing what is called the cockerel dance. I must confess,that I had dreams of seeing my beloved husband transformed into a rooster in action. Then, when he took the dance steps to an upgraded notch, the move is called “bird-dogging.” If at the time I happened to have risen my eyebrow while smiling and showing shamelessly my upper teeth (which I did) is considered an obscene act of acceptance! I mean, you are giving in right there without shame in less than 5 minutes!

Let’s face it, by then I was totally in awe by the moves of his “chest thrusts”! After reading all of that, I kept my mouth closed for good after he died to protect myself from the misattribution of arousing.

I can only understand the use of colors during some celebrations like WHITE which is significant during the Easter season and add some of my subjective interpretation.

WHY WHITE or any color for that matter? everything is a paradox in life. The psychology of colors gave interpretations about how society associates colors with meaning. It also provided an equal quantity of negative aspects to all the colors in the spectrum. Psychology says as white is an indicator of the end of a cycle in your life and the beginning of another, it also conveys a feeling of cold.

A cover to hide behind because it will uncover exposing the coldness even more. Where the one who is showing will never relate to the other who is expecting the reciprocity of feelings as it was possible before, becoming all possibility of warmth "FROZEN."

But perhaps the best symbol of the color white in my view is impartiality because it is an independent quality necessary to be applied neutrality toward everything, inside a divisive world we live.

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