chef Ragout Lapin and Poulette

a friendship affair . . .

callingpouletterabbit fitchicken upsetcrisischicken madrabbit cunningcchicken  eggs egg attack

in the meantime . . .

Ragout is getting ready for a party . . . always in style

ragut party dress

click on Ragout

rabbit ladder

and the days have been going by . . .

talking phonearguing phone

Ragout is having a party

worth the"value"? you bet!!


ps: but, not necessarily in that order . . . and always on a non-linear dynamic

looking for the recipe? . . . just be creative!

colors do count and so does aesthetic presentation

turquoise quoteIf music be the food of love, play on.

William Shakespeare

P.S: if you eat Ragout's palette of colors. . . you'll get plenty of antioxidants, which help resist any psychopath along your journey . . .