A cottage in the woods

A garden is a labor of love and patience. If you don't have it, you'll learn from it. It takes years for Planet Earth to circle the sun before you see results from your work. I planted ninety percent of all the bushes, trees and flowers inside it.

My beloved mother was always present as I slowly built my temporary tiny paradise. At the right time I set in motion the idea to send her ashes back to nature, creating a special place for her

The entire process of letting go and the deep interaction with my beloved friends are compiled in a book dedicated for her and Tilly, Memento a point in Time.

It's hard to express the result of hours, months and years of work through the magic from the colors, design and perfume of the flowers and, the joy of creating a community of many friends who filled my life with joy and unforgetteable memories, changing the course of my life. gomemento
Photographs by LaBelle
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