Padding, the verbal noun

The Schedule Creep

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In 1550tiesh, PADDING came from a "bunch of straw to lie on," related to “Low German” or an “obsolete” Flemish pad “sole of the foot.” As it made some sense Middle Dutch took it “to walk” as a “walk along a path, make a path.” Criminals, on the other hand, stick with PATH as slang. Can you sense the beginning of “criminality” built into it?

One can say it began its climbing into our vocabulary from the way “LOW,” some “PERHAPS,” to add a dose of “criminality into it” here and there. Definitively, following the same fate of our entire vocabulary.

PAD meandered perhaps from PIE (whose own trajectory from the bakery, in 16 c. landed as a “cunning person,” is quite a change)- “to tread, go.” “Tread” was used by printers as slang “a mass of type jumbled it together.” Well, as a fiber artist, “tread” suggests the endless possibilities for intriguing “weaving with a design/plan in mind.”

By 1700, definitively adopted a sense of touchy “softness.” Psychologically, anything “soft” (I am staying out of sexual innuendos . . .) is easier to be understood as we all are looking for comfy, cushioning from anything hard. But in 1790, English took it straight to the bottom, meaning cushion-like part of an “animal foot.”

Don’t humans also have a sole? They also have a knack for zoomorphic tendencies using animals to belittle human’s bad traits. They live under the perennial PADDING of not accepting that we all came from pieces of animals. Leaving the apes aside, our faces came from the fish. Yeah, we are fishy!

Humans are fishy!
Criminality starts with life!

Ines the rabbit talking on her cellphone

Around 1827, it went “to stuff, increase the amount of stuff.” In 1828, PADDING was coined officially as “material used in stuffing,” becoming the perfect bridge to things “human-fishiness,” inserting itself into “PADDED” asylum or prison (PADDED ROOM), which took flight from 1862 on. Clearly, aviation got into the gist before we really flew inside an airplane!

Then, in 1865, it landed straight to “a number of sheets fastened together” (drawing pad, writing pad, etc.), setting the next jump around 1890, back toward “criminality,” diving into “expense accounts!” OMG! Are we talking about the beginning of QUID PRO QUO? I need to get this one out of my head!

Are you following the trajectory of PAD and PADDING as verbal nouns? It had ”criminality” since the 18th century. Because of it, the underworld slang popularized it in a beatnik speech, which later  became hippie slang,  meaning  a “place to sleep temporarily.” It’s a fait acomppli, everything ends up in sex even if you speak about religion!

From account to stuff, to criminality, no matter how the uppity-self - “grammar especialistas” feels about it, sex has always been a beacon of light for any PATH including the meaning of words that have no connection with the noun!

Leave it to the 60tiest, under the heavy influence of a variety of psychedelic drugs, it was used to describe the “take-off or landing place for a helicopter”! I bet the etymologists came to work straight out of a Woodstock weekend!

I mean, “landing place for a helicopter”! They had to be flying high to have chosen the helicopter! So, why should I be surprised when I read Kathryn B. Creedy revealing in an article at the BBC Worklife that the aviation industry uses PADDING as a verbal noun to chit us about “arriving on time” but with an extra cost?

Stuffing has become a dirty little secret because at this time PADDING is defined as a “schedule creep.” It is all about fooling you and geting their creepy hands inside your wallet.

You know CREEP, right?

Around 1827, it went “to stuff, increase the amount of stuff.” In 1828, PADDING was coined officially as “material used in stuffing,” becoming the perfect bridge to things “human-fishiness,” inserting itself into “PADDED” asylum or prison (padded room), which took flight from 1862 on. Clearly, aviation got into the gist before we really flew inside an airplane!

In 1993, the term Mission creep was used by the Washington Post and the New York Times as a result of the October 4, 1993 firefight in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, in which 18 American military personnel were killed.

Mission creep from a military point of view means the gradual expansion of intervention beyond its original scope. Something that continues to creep in using terrorism as padding, while hundreds of thousands of people continue to have their lives destroyed, killed and countries annihilated under a creepy intent.


Yes, again Zoomorphism, Old English creopan "to move the body near or along the ground as a reptile or insect does" meandering by Old Norse krjupa (to creep) to crooked . . . from a PIE root (yes, the same cunning person). In 1300, it meant "move secretly or to evade detection," or "move slowly, feebly, or timorously.” Until finally it just decided to be clear: creeping! Eventually, the language must be clear! Well, somehow clear as justice must be served once in a while in order to prove that it works.

CREEP (noun)

Creep as a noun was used by Charles Dickens in 1849 in his autobiographic book “David Copperfield” as The creeps "a feeling of dread or revulsion.” Considered a masterpiece novel, Dickens mentioned this novel was "a very complicated weaving of truth and invention.” I guess the use of CREEPS was used with intent. So, in 1886, definitively meant a “despicable person.”

What is padding and creeeping all about?

They are about fooling you. You can blast your lungs up protesting, trolling, dissing, accusing, manipulating, distorting the truth,liying, theorizing about it but you fall for it, over and over again, because you are addicted to padding everything in your life to avoid reality.

As a whole, society has always had a profound attraction for CREEPS, because they get away with things crooked with ease. And, perhaps a high number of the whole, would like to learn what strategy they use to meander outside the correct path, using a creepy shortcut to enrich themselves, while accusing others of being creeps.

The question is: maybe deep inside, a large number of the society wants to try to get away with some of their own, and admire the creeps who do it masterfully while getting away without accountability.

Or, they don’t give a shit to see their favorite creeps real dirty little secrets because, inside the agenda of their favorite creeps creepy crookeries, there are parts they would like the creepy crook to do for them (after all, they voted for them based upon these specialties). While individually many preach to the rest of us that they have principles or even a conscience.

In the end, the best use of padding in the modern world is in CSS. If you know HTML syntax you will understand what I mean. Everything related to the visual layout design of a page needs padding to highlight the words, and the images and make it easier for your eyes to enjoy whatever is there without cramming it all together. I guess, eventually, padding might replace aesthetics. Who knows?

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