Some people dread Mondays

I have always loved Mondays not Sundays. Monday is a day in which you can find bad, or good solutions no matter how hectic they are. Still, you can make something happen.

My mornings begin with coffee, toast, preserve, and the news. Then, I check Instagram where I always find comments about Monday. One of my favorite Insta friends expressed his feelings with a funny image of a dog jammed inside a herd of sheep. It looked claustrophobic. Looking again, I thought that if you are going to be jammed between fluffy sheep cushioned by their pure wool yarns there is somehow a softness to the situation. Although, if you are a dog who lives in daily 95+ degrees with 90% of humidity it would be hell. Doesn't any image raise questions?

While I am catching up with my morning ritual, a got a call which my phone carrier blocked it as spam. Okay, fine with me. But, before I deleted it I read it was from the electrical company (something I never bother to do with these calls) letting me know that I will be without electricity for about 8 hours on Tuesday due to maintenance.

Why would the phone company block the energy company as spam? With all the hacking news about the Russians, is this one of their jokes playing with the electrical grid in my hometown? The concern was driven by the ritual of the morning coffee, reading the news on my computer, and the 95+ degrees for 8 hours without air conditioning.

What if it wasn't a spam? Life’s unexpected situations created an internal urge about being ready for basic “what ifs” as much as possible. For heaven’s sake, no coffee?

Sipping coffee with pleasure I dive into the news. Anxiety is running amock and I have a life-long addiction to knowing how life on the planet continues to move the dial.

Another artist from Instagram asked what inspires: for me is the moment. SO HERE IT GOES:

Lebanon, 1.3 million people protest. For a moment it became inspiring because in the middle of such uproar, the protesters found unity on pacifying a scared baby with a dance of Baby Shark.

The war continues on many fronts and opening new ones.

Japan’s Emperor Naruhito is on with all its pomp and glory. Why not? Isn’t England’s Royal family still collecting and attracting? Tourists flock to see the guards! Local people go to the streets and wait for royal babies to be shown after delivery! Thank heavens TV cameras still cannot go inside the delivery room! Although, students in Japan are protesting anti-war against a treaty with the US.

The Amazon continues to burn. Aren't the majority population of the world beef eaters? England robbed the rubber. The trees had to be alive to produce rubber. The oil companies continue to pollute the world with extraction of oil to fill the tanks of our cars. So, stop criticizing without changing your living habits: traveling across the world to post images, driving cars to cruise or travel. Never mind the habit we have for air conditioning while accusing only the Brazilians of the fire.

By the way, does any person inside a “developed country” cares about the Rohingya, Sudan, anywhere in Africa, South America, Central America, Asia, or any island in the world? They think cleanse is happiness.

Stop printing words such as CONDEMNATION, as they have been meaningless for thousands of years.

Why writing about the daily tragic consequences if you are poor in Thailand’s road? Do you read the statistics of car accidents inside the USA? From drugged addicts, drunks, texting, and all by plain assholes drivers.

Erdogan and Putin met. Why not? Their intentions have been obvious. Why being surprised? Isn’t he another dictator? Erdogan wants nuke. He is surrounded by nuts with nuke. All the democratic nations have continued to increase their nukes, killer germs warfare gadgets and everything that destroys, why being so moralistic about it? He also has a Trump building.

Haven’t already the “G7” exploded their nukes for decades in the oceans, their deserts and continue to experiment their arms on wars? Come on! Stop meddling on other people's wishes for nukes!

Israel is paralyzed? Is it? Why isn’t BB in jail? It would take care of most of the issues.

Here will be better too, if the present DOJ is REMOVED and the Justice system works like it supposed to. What about just protecting the Constitution? Which, by the way.....they swore to obey with their sinful hands on top of the Bible they preach to the world!

Hong Kong continues in uproar. Do you think is going to end? Snap out of it. The taste of freedom is irrevocable.

Chile is burning. Well, it has been a few decades without it. Isn’t California burning every year? Are you aware of the numbers of people killed inside the U.S.A throughout these decades? I 'm not even counting the destruction and killings across the middle east, Asia, by war drones, drownings to stop refugees, etc. etc.

Spain is a Mess. Beautiful Barcelona is in an uproar. Catalonia wants freedom, and Franco finally will be exhumed. It’s the “moral” thing to do. What about economic stability for the ones who are alive? Is there any moral left that you can use as a band-aid to pacify the horrors of the past, and be forgotten? Get over it, it won’t happen. Every one hold grudges for centuries, even thousands of years.

Okay, liberal Trudeau won. Who cares if it is by a hair? He won. No old nuts took over Canada yet. Although the USA is being destroyed by greedy old prunes with a cruel soul. I rather have a “liberal nut” across the border that is young, and not so cruel than a bunch of senile leaders, bloating in hate because they probably only function with Viagra!

El Capo's son was let go. Naturally, the government needs to survive. It’s better to surrender to the drug cartel! They have been connected with the rich world for years and they are the ones in position of "guarding the law." The richest neighbor has been the "numero UNO " consumer for eons, facilited by the "guardians."

Boing lost all its “exceptionalism” inside the aviation industry. Why not? Have you counted how many deaths they are responsible for? They knew their plains were unsafe. Hey, the bottom line is always in motion. Are you telling me you are still not aware of it living inside a capitalist society? If you didn’t . . . let me know where you live, as I might join you.

In the meantime, the scruffy Fish and fries nuts from the motherland continues to try shoving his rotten deal for Brexit on his countrymates. But then, you knew he is fishy anyway, like many of his party are. He'll fry you eventually.

POTUS, spreading that he is being lynched. When you think of it.....why not? How many lives we lost because of him? Knowing how much he really gives a shit us all.

While rotten Lindsey Graham echoes, trying to hang on......so he can continue to echo filth. Of course, POTUS loves to appropriate any noir historic verb, using with repetition on live TV for self-victimization. It has been a Nazi tactic put in practice killing millions!

Many fellows of the same age of those two of a kind (or younger)must remember or read about families, across many southern towns cheering on public squares (after the end of the church services), the horrors committed against people just for racism. So, if you are “impressed” by the meaning of lynching and feel sorry for this new verbal tactic, refresh your American history, stop living in denial. Or then, maybe you were not born in the U.S.

What is new? Women ‘s first expedition on the moon? Are you aware of how long-ago men have been doing it? Twelve males already did it in ancient times, from 1968 aC. to 1972 aC.


Please, what about landing on equality and equal human rights before I cheer any "first" regarding women "progress." Perhaps now that Melinda Gates is generously pledging 1 billion dollars in the fight for inequality will force some to organize another unnecessary “discussion” to address the issue?

Hmmm, I got to see them landing for a vote in the Senate, and the Supreme Court of the US, as DISCUSSION is as meaningless as TRUTH, CONDEMNATION OR PRAY. Everytime I hear "pray" I see the devil laughing.

I only cheer for the women who chose, and followed a profession that makes them feel satisfied. But won't be thrilled for statistics over the "advance" for women causes with headlines such as “history is made” bullshit.

Then, I landed on an article about shrimp, and its noir future! It's heading toward the same fate of everything we eat. It reminded me that I had some in the fridge! Time to think lunch, before the electricity goes off due to weather or malfunctioning!

I mean . . . the electrical company tried to let me know I would be without electricity. I mean, the call the telephone company blocked as a spam . . . so I could experience one more grief, without being prepared for it . . . because they love to make me pay hard for their services, while they can have fun collecting while making my life hell. After all, it's normal life inside "advanced societies."

OMG, the spam message from the energy company said they will turn off the electricity for 8 hours!

W What happens if it is true? The prospect made me call the energy company to check the fate of my morning coffee!!

Being Monday miraculously, I reached a pleasant person, regardless of all the warnings about the possibility of never ever getting one, due to the enormous volume of calls.

Yes, I had to wait, as she also had to travel through a few hierarchies’ channels, because many had no clue about the black-out. Finally, one did! Yes, it’s going to happen and I need to prepare the thermal bottle for my coffees and eat cold.

The shrimp came to mind!

Am I going to risk my beautiful shrimp (now that I am fully aware the future is bleak?) because of electricity? Absolutely not! Plus, seafood with no fridge in an area of eternal heat can be dangerous.Tomorrow it will be shrimp salad.

The final thought is a reminder to continue to chase facts, admitting how little it takes to makes us jump to the roof for a few hours of not having the comforts of modern life while taking for granted our unsustainable abuse to the environment. Air conditioning, electric appliances are sources of high pollution. Our food chain continues to move toward the same fate of human lives because of violence, the killing of wildlife and predatory use of resources. It’s all a chain reaction.

My Monday has been great, ate a fantastic shrimp, looking forward to my coffee tomorrow and shrimp salad for lunch.

The event reminded me of the food chapter from my book "Love and Hormones a path to love"

a woman eating asparagus

Meaning of food

When I embarked on my humorous journey with an illustrated cartoon from "The World of Us" series, in which the subject was about hormones and its effect on relationships, it was the beginninig of a new understanding on how everything affects us chemically. Food entered as a separate chapter because their chemical benefits not only influence how we perform in life, but by its visual aesthetics throughout history. Casanova and oysters are nothing compared to other innocent veggies! illustration of a shrimp

The meaning of food created a whole new approach when planning a manu with male friends!

I will try to remember not to get impulsive and plan meals cautiously . . .

I lost my ingenuity with the asparagus. An upper-lip vegetable, the epidemy of refinement, served with pompous presentation on formal dinners. You can read the book. The effect of the asparagus, oysters, shrimp, applies to figs, avocados etc. Nothing also means "it."