" F A R C I C A L
S P E E C H "

British Parliament 2019

T he moment is always the predominant influence over my creative work. Called a “cynic” (a label added to my name by the Reverend Mother during my boarding school days), theories are taken with subjectivity, disregarding the assertion by specialistas or theorycrats from the different subject matters. Please notice, I dare to create words, as I take the Dictionary and Etymology without salt.

Simple subjects trigger my conceptive reactions. This time it began with the BBC and the Guardian, and Elizabeth the Queen of England speech to the Parliament’s State Opening. The ceremony was a speech based upon Santa’s-list-wishes written by the “specialista” PM occupant of 10 Downy ST. The scruffy not-voted-by-the-country-PM, has been an inspiration for some of my illustrations since his time as mayor of London.

The mere combination of such character with the pompous protocol of the England pageantry, an always imposing Queen wearing all the jewels of the Crown during daytime, next to a serious uniformed Charles, and all the perfect alignment of Palace guards dressed with red costume from another point in time, is like a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of an organic chocolate cake to anyone with a sense of humor.

Helloo!! Is anybody listening?

Why in heavens’ name are we even talking about planet Mars?

Does anyone remember the surreal movie « Le Charme discreet de la bourgeoisie » by Luis Buñuel?

the queen arriving on her carriage to parliament

The images of the pageantry, the pomp, the dignity of Her Majesty, the dressing of the entire audience, all that makes Britain proud, is becoming more like the beginning of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). These days archaic is everything 20 years older.

Why also making a fuss about the power of the “The Group of Seven” (G-7), when we know that money has nothing to do with development, but with a bulky bank account always in black thanks to corruption? Does money signify intelligentsia? I mean, look who are the characters leading the G7! The country with the highest bank account is managed by a bankruptcy- specialista-in-chief, whose trace of genius is the creation of the code COVFEFE! The security institutions of the country couldn't discover its roots, other than to connect it with phobia-against-the muslins, just because of racism.

This year Parliament opening event had something special. Being in England, a society divided into those who want to fly free and those who adore the “farce” of tradition, always provides an eccentric twist when one is enraged with the other. The English don’t use the crass language like the one used by the leader of the ex-province. They elaborate their rage with Latin rooted words of the classics and introduce characters found inside the written plays of antiquity.

“Jeremy Corbyn hits out at “farcical” Queen’s speech”

J eremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, provided the imposing title for some of the articles. He condemned the programme outlined by the scruffy PM in the Queen’s speech as a “farce,” (not fake), dismissing the ambitious programme for the government as hollow. He also was not impressed with the farcical event, as the speech was not as dazzling as promised . . . and proceeded to say: “On closer inspection, it turns out to be nothing more than fool’s gold.”

Hmmmmmmmm . . . naturally, they all know the Queen’s jewelry are real, it belongs to the people, and it worth millions. So, the only thing which had NO IMPRESSIVE VALUE at all was the programme!

Can anyone put yourselves in the place of Her Majesty after she gave such a long speech? What about the cost of the parade? No wonder Charles wasn’t smilying . . .

However, I was surprised by the scruffy PM’s answer

PM Boris dressed as a ballet dancer holding fish and chips

Boris said fast enough: “His policy on cake is neither having it nor eating it” Okay, it was not exactly the quote attributed to Marie Antoinette “let them eat cake” (is a questionable quote, but she was a woman, so, we keep it), but clearly a connotation in my opinion, about women's place: baking, cooking, becoming fat, homey, object, etc. You get the gist.

Then, Boris added a mythologic Goddess. “He resembles a Janus. A push-me-pull-you facing both directions at once and yet unable to decide for either.”

OMG! A Shakespearean character on a play with influence from no other than the sexual dysfunctional Publio Ovid Naso! (I will get to that one later as he is under my radar!)

I must admit, it was a breath of fresh air not to hear self-gloating of being a genius, greatness, fake news, lies, treason, corruption, family values, country tradition, Jesus, etc. from either of the players.

Also showed that Boris has still the mind of the journalist who was fired by using improper quote . . . and the “common sense” (OMG I hate to apply such a profound function of the humanoid cortex to him!) not to remind anyone of the Cambridge Analytica and a fake Brexit election!

I want to remind you that Juno is one of the characters on the Shakespeare The Tempest, a play about honor and loyalty! Although she supposed to be one of Prosperous’ s spirits. She also represents the Queen of Heaven and the goddess of marriage. She is the one in the masque (marriage/masque a perfect creative literary metaphor).

The enraged discussion was deranging! I mean, Shakespeare was dragged into it with his play about honor and loyalty! Broadway could have never been able to turn the Lone Ranger into such classic drama, but only into spaghetti movies. Gee, why in hell get the Italians involved, when it was the Chinese who invented the spaghetti?

Sorry, I get distracted, because finding the root of everything that turns into all our demises attract me. I like to give credit to who must be credited, reducing the number of anything FARCICAL for everyone who has the same interest as mine. The choice of Juno, a goddess, to be used as the culprit inside the mouth of a misogynist, is enough to go all the way later on. He probably forgot that she was the spirit of Prosperous and maybe Juno was fluid!

The event reminded me of the definition of WAR in Latin!


Of course, “farcical” became a trigger to find out how it turned into a negative adjective of disapproval! Although I kind of like it as being a transitive verb: STUFF. After all, this is the season in which the free colony (I don’t know for how long either) stuffs the turkey to celebrate the FARCE of a piecemeal with the Indians. Let me get out of here!female hand writing

Do I have a case with etymology?

T he next step ended up straight toward the etymology of FARCE. Late 14c., “forced-meat, stuffing.” By 1520, when the French became the stars of the Enlightenment it headed toward satire, comedy. By 16c, is literally “stuffing” from Old French “farcir” to stuff, cram, even as far as “crowded”!

Some sources say “FARSIA” was used in France and England to praise phrases inserted in liturgical formulae (ex: between kyrie and eleison)! I was horrified when I read about liturgical as I am familiar with the example above during boarding school. Everything religion enters hypocrisy!

Thank heavens the French appropriated it for buffoonery during religious plays. Maybe they envisioned that inside the old British colony, they would build in Kentucky a Noah’s Arch Park! And, as part of the G7 they have always cherished spicy nude powerful entertainment. I went to one of those during my honeymoon (the Lido to be precise) and the main stripper had my name. It was a great spectacle.

Genes travel toward the different generations . . .

My name is one you won’t find anywhere. I inherited it from my mother. It had a literary significance to my grandmother, given by my grandfather through a poem. He graduated from Sorbonne, was a Francophile with pure intelligentsia, spoke and wrote in Latin. Passionate about justice shredded his membership from the Literary Academy because of his own political belief.

To remind the definition of WAR in Latin:

Bella, mulier qui hominum allicit et accipit eos per fortis Translation:

War, a woman who lures men and takes them by force

As a woman, during election time, is good to remember that a great number of males worldwide believe on the definition found in etymology: WAR as WOMAN. In another words, you "entice" males to go to war. You make them do it. So, you need to be punished, controlled, humiliated, and considered inhuman. So let us take all their rights away! OUT OF OFFICE!