& C H A O S

Where and how to begin?

W hich one comes before the other? Both cause accelerating energy with an exhausting series of complex reactions, primarily by the fact that I have the ability to conceptualize a variety of possibilities using different mediums, equally arousing my satisfaction.

Finding myself in one of those moments, where a lot of different ideas pile up inside my brain, makes me feel paralyzed and incapable of deciding which one I’ll reach completion. It’s a relief when I finally concentrate on one. Approval is irrelevant.

My personal projects are challenging because I have always been tuned with the world, moved by political injustice, science, economy, environment, social issues, art, read, write, research, draw, continually expanding my technology knowledge, design, photography, illustrate, paint.

All of which influence my daily perception, baffled how humanity has been tackling all the issues affecting the present with misattribution of arousal, while disregarding the future under the pretext of short-termism, and, as some sociologists point out, society is suffering of “temporal exhaustion.” Something I find inconceivable. And, in my view, the pretext of self-pity is becoming equally boring.

Buried under the chaos of all those ideas I have decided to choose CHAOS to express my point of view. I’ll mix whatever I want, without thinking order or questioning if they will convey an understanding to whoever tries to find congruency. After all, why should I care if others find all confusing?

Hasn’t humanity been confused with everything obvious, innate concepts which have been clear for millenniums? While their imagination has created a list of wishful thinking theories, many of which end up in serious misattributed statistic studies, for reaching a high level of delusions? Most without admission of responsibility.

I chose to have fun with all the things that somehow have been arousing me lately, talk about them, design them and see the end result.

Can this be my misattribution of arousal? By the way, it has nothing to do with sex. I came across a report using as an example the wishful thinking in the mind of a great number of women (high enough to be used as a data on the subject) who expect to find prince charming inside a crammed airplane, while on air. Hard to conceive such statistic exists!

Naturally, the existence of such data was the pivot moment in which my brain unleashed a number of possibilities, and questions regarding the health of the society! Evolution is a conflicting subject to be properly explained, understood or apply a mathematical formula to prove a point.

Some definitions and discussions

Remembering the experience on a flight.

a male in panic with a female helping to calm him

It brought back the experience I had during a trip as I read the statistics about women, and their idea of finding Mr. Right inside a crammed airplane!

While boarding a flight, the passengers had to listen to a group of dudes talking out loud, while their mouths were exercising their tongue with the typical “lock-room conversation.” Once I found my seat, to my surprise, one of the culprit’s had his next to mine, in the middle of the row. Obviously, Mr. Consideration, took over the section. Instead of engagement, I chose to squeeze against the window.

About 40 minutes on the air, a storm forced the plane many feet down violently, causing drinks to fly, passengers screaming while I maintained my silence, accepting my fate.

Mr. Macho, on the other hand, freaked out, begging me to allow him to hold my hand in terror. He was praying, pale, horrified. When all finished, he apologized, thanking me for the support. I didn’t miss the occasion to give him that “look” not for the begging, but for his “courage.” He got the message. The plane was full forcing him to endure the entire trip next to a woman who was visually LOL about his show of bravura at the boarding line.

There are plenty of such "Prince" charming around, who would never kill the mice that terrify most girls. On one occasion, my pest control guy shared some fantastic experiences he had with such male characters. He highlighted one, to make me feel good about myself, as he found me an hour and a half later , pinned against the corner of a room, while screaming on the phone for his service, to save me from a baby mouse. The plunging of the airplane was a breeze.

When we landed, Mr. Bravura rushed out with his macho ego humiliated, knowing that a woman knew that muscles, and discourse were a mask for cowardice! Bullies fit that typical profile. The high majority are cowards while using other low life ones to help them do their bid. There are plenty of misattribution of arousal in all areas of society, where denial shines.

Are we close to define the root of bias ?

T hus far, studies have not yet been able to clarify what component of psychotic individual phenomena relates to externalizing bias. Nevertheless, the studies found a significant relationship in which vivid performance attended by a number of auditory presences, can cause auditory hallucinations. The results follow the previous studies on the subject, which suggest that there is a tendency to externalize internal thoughts as a result of the presentation.

We are clearly living in a misattribution of arousal moment with grave consequences for the balance of society, a threat to our environment, the destruction of principles which allow society to keep on evolving. Provided when or if, intelligent and balanced minds ditch the idea of short-termism, and leaders continue to perfect the present in order to pass to the next generation the stimuli of doing the same for the next. We call EVOLUTION.

Reversed evolution will turn the planet "citric".


Every project takes me back to etymology. I have a fascination to find out where the root of the nouns I am using comes from. The Etymology Dictionary also features what people are trying to find at the moment. This section always pushes the limit of my imagination compelling me to express how I feel about them.female hand writing

Do I have a case with etymology?

Y es! I was curious about the “misa” in misappropriation as a result of misattribution. I knew I would find my answers. Most nouns suffer mishappenings throughout history by subjective interpretations, filled with misappropriation and misinterpretation, which for sure was misapplied. “Mis” is: bad, wrong. We do know how mis-continues to thrive, used and abused, running amok by a society under the pretext of short-termism due to “temporal exhaustion” in all levels. Misuse of power is applied indiscriminately by people whose ambition is control.

These are the first two nouns that people are searching at this time: KNOW! Why should I be surprised? I live on a planet of denials! The root of know has been forgotten, and ignored for millenniums becaming incomprehensible.

I found next to KNOW, WOMAN! That did it again! Again, why in hell should I be surprised? The clitoris was discovered only in 1998, by an Aussie urologist, named Helen O’Connell, who finally mapped it! Naturally, she is from the era in which few women were allowed to enter science, and realized men would never be able to discover it. They still don't. Being a woman, Dr. O'Connell probably was either one unsatisfied puppy or, generous enough to alert the rest of the sisterhood, who were told not to bother with feeling transported during sex, because it supposed to be bad! So, just endured it!

The first description of WOMAN: adult female human; literally, a woman-man. I mean, the MAN is reinforced. Never mind the rest, as I refuse to continue aroused, passing the disturbing information to any sister that read this. You know how you have been treated, and I don't want to add to your trauma.

Surprise, surprise, MISOGYNIST was coined in 1600! I guess, the clear definition “woman hater” was hidden to make women think it wasn't a known behavior, as they could be simply killed? It was "rediscovered" back in 2017-18, due to the flagrant systemic assault on a high number of well-known women by well-known males. Naturally, now, misogynism can be “part of the conversation.”

I am sure everyone knows the meaning of that quoted sentence, right? It means, we can talk about, but do nothing about it. Woman’ right was traced in 1840 but never freed to wide exposure, and recognition until 1966. Understandable,after Woodstock, who could stop all the consequential arousals? I mean: peace, love and publicly.

These are the warnings of SHORT-TERMISM for the future of the planet, and human wellbeing.

. For the unscrupulous politician is only during his/her term in office.
. For corporations they only care about quarters.
. For fashion is all about the SEASON.
. For culture, is to follow fashion and just being a generic copycat, a zombie.
. For marriage, abuse, divorce or simply infidelity.
. For investors in Wall Street is only a millisecond.

The next time you think your flight will offer an “arousal” because of the fellow next to you, before continuing with the idea of the prince: stop, and think that you might end up with a bully who needs your comfort only under distress.

As a woman, during election time, is good to remember that a great number of males worldwide believe on the definition found in etymology: WAR as WOMAN. In another words, you "entice" males to go to war. You make them do it. So, you need to be punished, controlled, humiliated, and considered inhuman. So let us take all their rights away! OUT OF OFFICE!