love & hormones a path to love

What happens when dopamine goes whacko?

Dopamine is a neurochemical that regulates feelings of lustful attraction, desire, pleasure, excitment and reward. When the One shows up, the feeling of running amok like a zombie, intoxicated is connected with it. It also can turn a person addicted when releases a group of neurotransmitters called PEAS (phenylethylamines) which affect your mood just like amphetamies. Does the movie "Fatal Attraction" comes to mind?

In addition, during the first stages of attraction adrenaline is also running wild. That is: your heart races, the body sweats, the mouth quivers and "RUSH" is the only word that comes to mind! Dr. Helen Fisher calls it "the intolerable neural itch."

Hm . . . "the intolerable neural itch . . . "


What about idealizing under the spell of serotonin?

Yes, when you fall in love serotin sees that your thoughts begin to change, as you begin to idealize the One, magnifying his or hers virtues.

Leave it to Freud to state: "We are never so defenseless against suffering as when we love"

As if that's not enough, be aware of the state of your endorphins. With their help love makes you blind and, that blindness is what keeps you in love! If they are whacko they help you to stay in an abuse relationship.

From what you eat, to your body scent, to how you move, we are an open book into a line of painful or embarassing surprises. After all, don't forget that you are a mammal. A supposedly critical thinking human mammal . . . So, you better use it as a self-defense mechanism and don't just accept cultural beliefs in telling you that your are exceptional and will be untouched by those demises!


a group of women analyzing males

Still digesting my finding

During my research about the etymology of "manipulation" I found the description of WAR in Latin . . .
Translation: "War, a woman who lures men and takes them by force."

Question: why women continue to be "punished" because of men genetic use of violence?

A bogus pipeline technique

The "Bogus Pipeline" technique was introduced by professor Harold Sigall in the spring of 1967 and continues to be used today by psychologists.